Music, Memory, And MatrixCare

Music, memory, and MatrixCare

Here is a message from Becky Fengfish, Systems Analyst, and Lisa Weyant, IT Clinical Coordinator, at Cross Keys Village– The Brethren Home Community, on their use of MatrixCare to contribute to the success of their Music and Memory program: “The…

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MatrixCare Supports Malnutrition Awareness Week

MatrixCare supports Malnutrition Awareness Week

MatrixCare supports Malnutrition Awareness with elite nutrition software that helps facilities identify residents at risk for Malnutrition. MealTracker is designed for users to keep track of residents nutrition status and help avoid potential detrimental outcomes related to poor nutrition. MealTracker’s…

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Choosing The Right EHR Software Provider

Choosing the right EHR software provider

The care and service you provide at your senior living community is not one-size-fits all. Your electronic health record (EHR) system shouldn’t be either. Instead, it’s important to look for a comprehensive senior living EHR solution that is built for…

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