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Are You Spending Too Much on Your CRM?

Having a comprehensive CRM software solution for your senior living community is vital to help you generate and manage leads that allow your community to meet its business goals.

Your CRM should be user-friendly, easily customizable, and provide the ability to maximize occupancy rates whether you have a single community or several. But, have you noticed there are components of your current CRM that don’t necessarily apply to your needs? If so, there’s a strong possibility you’re paying too much for your software solution.

Launched last year as an affordable senior living CRM solution for new customers, MatrixCare Essentials offers a lower-cost entry point that provides the core features you need without all the expense of a more robust software package.

Comparing Senior Living CRM Costs

Sticking to a budget is crucial to your senior living community’s overall success. Some of the top features executives look for in CRM software include:

  • Lead generation and management
  • Robust, customizable reporting
  • Referral management
  • Occupancy management
  • Online training and responsive support

These key features provide a simple way for senior living communities to capture website leads and streamline sales efforts, all while ensuring maximum occupancy levels. But, perhaps your current solution goes a bit above and beyond these features, and your staff never received the proper training to utilize them to the fullest potential. Or, perhaps the software was implemented several years ago by a different team who did not do their due diligence when researching a new solution. Instead, they went with the fanciest, most expensive CRM software as a means to stay ahead of the game.

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The truth is, if you feel like you’re spending too much on CRM software costs, there’s a strong possibility you are. It’s time to evaluate your current software by getting some honest feedback from your staff. Is the team comfortable with the technology? Does the solution help you meet your business goals? When you need support, do you have resources available to assist you?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to consider switching to a more cost-effective solution that can better meet your senior living community’s needs.

Start with the Essentials – MatrixCare’s Cost-Effective Senior Living CRM

Overspending on senior living CRM software doesn’t make sense—not when there are solutions like MatrixCare Marketing Essentials! Our entry-level CRM solution not only offers a user-friendly and fully customizable dashboard, but it also comes with a variety of online support resources for you and your team. Plus, if your community finds it needs a more robust solution over time, it’s easy to upgrade to our Complete Package.

If you’re ready to start streamlining your marketing for just pennies a day, check out an Essentials senior living CRM demo today. Or, call us today at (866) 808-1119 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Patrick Hart

Patrick Hart joined MatrixCare as Vice President, Senior Living Solutions in October 2015. He is a dynamic business leader with a sales and operations background. Prior to joining MatrixCare, Hart held sales and marketing leadership roles with major senior living providers including Five Star Quality Care, Assisted Living Concepts, and Holiday Retirement. He also served in the U.S. Army for over 6 years, including supervising and managing aviation aircraft maintenance operations. Patrick has both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.