Daamgard NASL

Why I invest time in NASL

Serving as President

Last week I had the great privilege of being named President of the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (“NASL”).  Having previously served as chair of NASL’s Information Technology Committee, I understand the impact NASL has on the healthcare industry.

In the last five years there have been significant changes in our industry from the Affordable Care Act– bundled payments, ACOs, and meaningful use, just to name a few. The healthcare industry is facing a dynamic time especially around the politics and policies being established. NASL works to have a collaborative dialogue with policy makers informing them about the LTPAC community and to focus on the important policy issues facing the industry. We only expect more change and evolution in healthcare policy in the coming years – regardless of how the election goes.

Where is LTPAC Technology Headed

Through its efforts, NASL has taken a lead role in being an advocate for long-term care technology. I can’t give away any secrets on this one, but I can state a few things I’m sure we’ll all agree on:

  • Reimbursements will be fee-for-value. The technology that will enable providers to hold, administer and distribute those payments commensurate with value-add will be well adopted.
  • The ability to exchange data from many different providers as well as present analysis that is pragmatic and actionable will be imperative.
  • Truly interoperable Electronic health records will become standard practice across long-term care, and we are not far from this becoming a reality.

Importance of NASL

Long-term care is, at its core, about people. It’s about caring for our nation’s seniors. It’s about enabling others to care for them. Long-term care is an extremely rich and diverse community, and NASL gives a voice to several critical groups within that community – therapists, rehab providers, equipment suppliers, technology providers and more. These organizations are integral to providing great care to residents and improving clinical outcomes for them. In a fee-for-value world, that’s invaluable. That’s why NASL is critical.

John Damgaard

John Damgaard became President of MatrixCare in September 2012 and Chief Executive Officer in August 2013. Damgaard brings an exceptional record in healthcare technology solutions and has a comprehensive background in various areas including client services, healthcare software solutions development, interoperability, sales, and marketing. Prior to MatrixCare, Damgaard was Chief Operating Officer at Mediware Information Systems Inc. and also held business management and technical positions with CGN and Associates, Maytag Corporation and IBM. Damgaard earned an MBA from Bradley University and a Bachelor of Arts of Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa.