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Blue Chip Program Overview

MatrixCare's REPS Leads has been the industry leading Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool for over 20 years. The marketing professionals who use this product are among the most successful in their market. While REPS has served them well, they have stressed to us the importance of retooling our solution to include new features and benefits that meet today’s demands and workflows and evolving technology environments. Our new Blue Chip program offers our valued REPS clients the technology and tools required to excel in today's environment with our MatrixCare Marketing software at an affordable price point with a smooth transition, including ALL of your existing marketing data.

It is important to know that REPS is only supported on Internet Explorer. Microsoft will soon be discontinuing their support of Internet Explorer; therefore, we will be proactively assisting customers in migrating to the next-generation MatrixCare Marketing (MCM) platform that can be used on any web-enabled device. To avoid any disruption in service, all MatrixCare REPS clients must be using MatrixCare Marketing as of June 1, 2018.

The MatrixCare Blue Chip Program encompasses everything you need to successfully transition to the newest and most comprehensive customer relationship management tool in the industry today and delivers it in a way that it is easy on your budget and minimizes the impact on your staff. It includes:

  • An upgrade to MatrixCare Marketing, the fastest growing, CRM for long-term care and senior living providers
  • Special subscription and implementation pricing for a defined time-period
  • All-inclusive, white-glove implementation of MatrixCare Marketing at an affordable price
  • Seamless migration of your valuable REPS data into the MatrixCare Marketing environment
  • Web Leads API
  • Unlimited Client Support
  • Pre-recorded demonstrations
  • Library of e-learning videos to further educate staff members

Compare MatrixCare Marketing and REPS

MatrixCare Marketing Migration Benefits (.PDF)

Below is a list of benefits of migrating from MatrixCare REPS Marketing to the next generation MatrixCare Marketing (MCM) product by system area. It includes the feature name, whether the feature currently exists in REPS and MCM, and a brief description of the differences between the two applications.

MatrixCare Marketing Migration-System Management
Pick List ValueCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to make picklist values available to one or many communities. REPS limits the option to one or ALL communities.
Activity-Result LinkingCheckmarkMCM introduces Activity and Result linking. It defines the appropriate codes that should be available to select per activity, and limits options for end-user workflow streamlining.
Pick List Value StructureCheckmarkMCM removes the Code-Description structure of picklists, and replaces it with a code or value. REPS requires the input of a code and a description (CI/Call-in) where MCM has Call-In. Existing client values are merged during migration. The value is displayed as CI-Call-In, and can be edited post- migration.
Enhanced User SecurityCheckmarkMCM enhances user security by initiating strong passwords. Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, include upper and lowercase, and a number. Users are locked out after four failed attempts, and a screen timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity; warning message appears at 14 minutes of inactivity.
Sales Counselor ReassignCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces enhanced reassign functionality. Users are no longer limited to a one-to-one reassignment.
Reassignment of leads can be distributed among multiple counselors, and is filtered on a set of values.
User ManagementCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces pagination, which reduces the page loading time for organizations with large amounts of users.
Activity TypesCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS presents a non-editable, pre-defined list PF activity type options. MCM uses a user-definable list.
MatrixCare Marketing Migration-Global Functionality
CentersCheckmarkMCM introduces customizable viewing areas (centers) for Leads, Activity, and Referral/Organization. These centers provide the ability to view data for one or more leads.
Find/SearchCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces a dynamic search function in the Referral Center, Lead Center, Occupancy Center, and Activity Center. The search results change dynamically as you enter the search criteria.
FilterCheckmarkMCM introduces a filter function that is available in conjunction with the centers. Users can filter the lists by community or region, providing the ability to view data across the enterprise.
User InterfaceCheckmarkMCM introduces a new user interface that streamlines workflow. Lead and referral records are now displayed in an accordion view that allows users to view an entire lead or referral record on one page.
Browser AgnosticCheckmarkMCM increases the number of browsers that can be used. Users can use Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, and ActiveX is no longer required.
Mobile ReadyCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to access the application using mobile devices. We recommended displays that are 7 inches or larger.
Mail MergeCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to create and save templates that can be reused to create export files.
DashboardCheckmarkNew MCM dashboard features provides provide quick access to important metrics. Users can create a dashboard specific to their role where they can select from a library of widgets they want included.
Audit ReportingCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces additional audit capabilities. You can view details regarding which user added, edited, or deleted field level information.
MatrixCare Marketing Migration-Lead Management
Lead ManagementCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to open and view multiple leads using a tabbed interface similar to tabs in a browser.
Hide SSN FieldCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the option to display, partially mask, or totally hide the SSN field. The masked option displays only the last four numbers of the SSN.
Add LeadCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM streamlines the addition of a lead record based on relationship. If inquiring about the lead (self), the user is presented with prospect info. If relationship is not self, the Primary contact info is presented. This eliminates entry of duplicate data.
Second PersonCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM can eliminate some data entry by using the option to populate the second person’s address with the prospect address.
Second Person - Care SettingCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to track the care setting of the second person.
NeedsCheckmarkMCM Introduces the ability to define a checklist of values associated with prospect needs. An AL facility can define assistance required, such as bathing, dressing, etc., and an IL facility can define a list of hot buttons, such as Apt size, pool, recreation, etc.
StoryCheckmarkMCM introduces a text field where the end user can enter a narrative of their initial meeting with the lead, and include information such as current living arrangements, concerns, etc.
SourceCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS limits the source entry to two source codes. MCM allows users to enter multiple sources in a table format. Re- inquiries are recorded through an activity are also displayed.
Referral LinkingCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS provides the ability to link a lead to the referral. MCM also provides this ability, but streamlines the process by adding it to the source. If a source of a referral or professional referral is selected, the user is presented the
option to search the referral database or add a new referral if they do not exist. This functionality can dramatically reduce input time.
ProfilesCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS requires multiple entries in order to track many hobbies a lead might have. MCM introduces multi-select pick lists, which enable one entry with multiple values to reduce input time.
ActivitiesCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM enhanced the activity view and event summary information that was previously displayed on the summary screen. The event summary identifies the event results, such as RSVP, attended, cancelled, or no show.
DepositsCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to attach a deposit to a specific apartment, and to transfer a deposit to another prospect.
Wait ListCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM combines the Apartment Preference option with the Wait List screen, allowing you to identify prospect interest and place them on the waitlist if necessary. The wait list function is also enhanced to display the total available apartments and wait list position, instead of requiring you to run a separate report.
Prospect PhotoCheckmarkMCM adds the ability to upload a prospect photo.
Community TransferCheckmarkMCM adds the ability to transfer a lead from one community to another.
Lead TimelineCheckmarkMCM adds a timeline on the lead header that displays the progression through the sales process; from inquiry to move- in or lost lead. Key date rules can be created to build the timeline and designate tasks associated with sales activity milestones.
MatrixCare Marketing Migration-Referral Source Management
Referral ManagementCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM introduces the ability to have multiple referrals and organizations open at one time, and view them through a tabbed interface similar to a browser.
Referral StatisticsCheckmarkThe new Referral Center displays the total referred leads and move-ins. This provides quick access to conversion statistics without running a report.
Ref-Org HistoryCheckmarkMCM can track the start and end dates of referral- organization relationships. For example, you can see when a referral worked with/for a specific organization.
Primary ReferralCheckmarkMCM allows you to designate a primary associate for an organization.
Referral CategorizationCheckmarkMCM allows you to Identify professional and non- professional referrals (residents).
MatrixCare Marketing Migration-Event Management
Event TrackingCheckmarkCheckmarkMCM extends the Event Management functionality to include referrals.
Event ManagementCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS uses system-defined reminder and follow-up activity for ALL events. MCM introduces the ability to define a reminder and follow-up activity for each event.
Meal ChoiceCheckmarkMCM provides the ability to track attendee meal choice when hosting an event where meals are provided.
MatrixCare Marketing Migration-Apartments
Apartment Care SettingsCheckmarkCheckmarkREPS defines the apartment Care Setting at the apartment level. MCM manages it at the apartment type level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my training options?

  • Free e-learning modules
  • Free remote webinar training
  • Fee based MatrixCare led training
  • Fee based MatrixCare Marketing Certified Consultant training

2. How long is implementation?

A typical implementation timeframe is 4-6 weeks.

3. Will all of my REPS data migrate?

There are select data elements that will not convert such as passwords, roles, unprocessed web leads, report templates and apartment maintenance information.

4. What is the data migration timeframe?

Data migration processing is dependent on the number of communities being converted. Typical timeframe for one community is a 24-hour period.

5. How long will I have access to REPS once the migration is complete?

REPS is available for 30 days following migration.

6. Is there an opportunity to clean up my data?

Custom data cleanup can be performed for a fee.

7. How is pricing determined?

MatrixCare Marketing is priced per community.

8. How many users are included per community?

MatrixCare Marketing includes unlimited users.

9. How is MatrixCare Marketing accessed?

MatrixCare Marketing can be accessed using Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge and Safari.

10. Can I use any device to access MatrixCare Marketing?

Tablets, laptop or desktop devices.

11. Are the reports comparable?

MatrixCare Marketing reporting is significantly enhanced. Many of the same REPS reports are available along with new reports and dashboards.

12. How often are updates released?

MatrixCare delivers quarterly releases and service packs as necessary.

13. Is remote support still available?

Remote support is still available and can be launched from within the application.

14. What API's are available for MatrixCare Marketing?

Both an External Web Leads and Open API infrastructure are available for extracting and updating data in.

15. Will my users come over in the conversion?

Yes, all existing inactive and active users are migrated.

Live Demos

All live group demos have concluded. If you are interested in a live demo, please contact your account manager. A recorded demo is available below.

Recorded Demo

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