Corporate Philanthropy: Supporting the LTPAC Industry

MatrixCare has been a strong supporter of the LTPAC industry for many years and has made significant contributions to many charitable causes. MatrixCare Gives will formalize and expand these activities. The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is one of the first charities to benefit from the MatrixCare Gives corporate philanthropy program.

John Damgaard, MatrixCare President and CEO, commented, “MatrixCare is committed to doing well by doing good. Our clients and employees have given their time and dollars to many causes over the years and we look forward to increasing and focusing our support through the MatrixCare Gives program.”

“We appreciate and are honored by the support of MatrixCare Gives,” said Darryl Fisher, founder and pilot of the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation. “MatrixCare shares our commitment to giving back to those who have sacrificed so much to build this great nation.”

The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is non-profit organization built on the philosophy of “Giving Back to Those Who Have Given”. The Foundation’s focus is on healthcare philanthropy, recognizing seniors and veterans living in long-term care communities and helping them fulfill their dream of flying. Seniors can be nominated for a Dream Flight by completing an application which can be found on the Foundation’s website at