Prepare for Changing Regulations and Payment Models by Tracking Functional Outcomes

The IMPACT act clearly outlines the importance of patient functional outcomes as the industry embarks on new regulatory and payment models. It remains challenging to determine the best way to measure the functional improvement our patients make during their short stay episodes. One must utilize a reliable and valid tool to track functional outcomes, identify trends, and improve results. CMS is leaning towards the use of the CARE Tool as evidenced by the content of Section GG in the FY2016 MDS. Attendees will learn about the Mobility and Self Care Item Sets of the CARE Tool – what they include, how they are rated, and how to use this information to improve operational and clinical effectiveness. The VP of Quality and Outcomes for Consonus Healthcare is paired up with the Owner/Operator for this presentation as they bring their unique experience to this session. Follow along as they share case study examples that show how improvements in scores from admission to discharge can lead providers to determine appropriate length of stay, measure the effectiveness of clinical protocols and justify therapy delivery models.

The MatrixCare User Experience – The Future is Now!

Healthcare Software need not be boring anymore! Technology and new innovations are changing the way we work and live. Healthcare is getting better and more competitive and Matrixcare is leading the way! The User Experience group at MatrixCare is actively working with new devices and product innovations which will help motivate your staff and improve work efficiency & performance. This ensure better healthcare to residents. See some concepts in action and be a part of the design process by sharing your ideas or requirements in this interactive session.

Digital Marketing Maturity Model – How Does Your Website Stack Up?

Whether you’re experienced in digital marketing or are just getting your feet wet, there is always opportunity to increase your organization’s online visibility and turn leads into residents. The Senior Living team at Linkmedia 360 will walk you through a digital marketing maturity model for senior living communities that is tailored to the resident journey. Learn what roles and activities are essential to advance your digital marketing efforts, create bottom-line organizational impact and drive ROI that any CFO will love.

Winning The Millennial Market: How to Attract & Engage Millennials in Senior Care

They prefer smartphones over deodorant, live with their parents, and insist on eating organic foods. Who are these people? They’re the Millennials! The Millennial generation is the largest generation in US history and will be the key to your organization’s future success. In a talent market challenged by caregiver shortages and high turnover, providers must get things right with the Millennial population. That means evolving recruiting, engagement, and retention strategies to find and develop talent. Learn from HR experts on how to strengthen communications, implement consistent feedback practices and focus on employee preferences to stop talent from leaving your organization.

MatrixCare Analytics – What’s New and What’s Next

Review the new features that were released over the last year and what’s planned for the future. The focus will be on the value of these features and how they can make you more efficient and effective.

Point of Sale – Explore the Possibilities

This session will provide an overview of MatrixCare Point of Sale. Our application is designed for the LTC market and gives communities the opportunity to track and charge for any and all goods and services you offer. From dining to gift shop to med supply closet, Point of Sale can be used throughout your facility in new and innovative ways that will save you time and money, allowing your staff to focus on the resident.

MatrixCare R1, R2, R3, R4…R U Keeping Up? Best Practices for Release Management

MatrixCare knowledge sharing: emails, webinars, documentation, eLearning, client portal, Optimization, engagement sessions. There are many ways MatrixCare engages clients and offers resources for training. Are you aware of all of them? Make sure you are not missing out on opportunities to optimize MatrixCare and improve your knowledge!

Uplift with MatrixCare to Elevate Results

Today just about every industry is computerized for instant data retrieval and valuable trend analysis. If you are working with a hybrid EHR system you are not meeting public and governmental expectations and likely missing out on clinical and financial efficiencies. In this session learn the advantages of embracing technology and how we can help you implement our full MatrixCare EHR Elite suite.  See the benefits of computerized provider order entry (CPOE), electronic prescription transmission, Clinical Decision Support, Medicare Direct Entry and more. Working with a comprehensive EHR system will benefit your bottom line, your staff, and your patients.

Introducing the MatrixCare Home Care Solution

The MatrixCare for Home Care solution (formerly Soneto) is a comprehensive, cloud-based home care software solution designed for successful, growing, Private Duty, Medicare Certified, and Medicaid companies. Attend this session to get an overview of this exciting new addition to the MatrixCare family of solutions.

MealTracker Demonstration

See the basics of MealTracker and what it offers. Learn how it can help your care setting improve resident satisfaction while decreasing costs.