The Future is NOW! Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances & Discharge Orders

MatrixCare is committed to ensuring your success with EPCS and Discharge Orders. We have partnered with VASCO and Surescripts to provide the best solution. Find out what a Digipass is and watch it in action! Understand the value added, and next steps to implement the new features.

Let’s Focus on Orders

We invite your feedback during this session as we discuss recent orders work and design for upcoming orders work. Topics will include enhancing: Order Sets, Reactivate, Renew, Resupply, Custom Formulary, batch D/C of active orders.

Are you ready for Oct. 1 Guidelines and the IMPACT Act? What’s coming and how to prepare

Regulatory changes : MDS, QMs, etc.. Join us for a knowledge sharing session on what’s coming in MatrixCare and MatrixCare Analytics in the September 2016 R4 release around the IMPACT Act, and hear from 2 clients on what they are doing both inside and outside of MatrixCare to prepare for the IMPACT Act.

Matrixcare Recent Release Recap! 2015 R1- 2016 R4!

Let our clinical experts do the work to bring you up to date with recent releases and show you how to quickly implement new features. Learn how to optimize your MatrixCare usage.

Panel Discussion: Influencing Quality through Evidence-Based Assessment Tool – Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment

An expectation of healthcare today is that care practices are derived from evidence based practices and tools. This session will begin by providing the background on what constitutes evidenced based practices. Then a panel of MatrixCare users, representing different roles including Corporate Quality Nurse, Director of Nursing, and Corporate Nursing, will bring their perspectives on how the Evidenced-Based tool “Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment” can affect quality in senior care.

MD and CareCommunity Update

Come take a look at MatrixCare’s exciting new products that take HIE and transitions of care to a new level. CareCommunity will allow families and residents to access their personal health information, access their records, contact providers and so much more. MatrixCare MD enhances the provider experience allowing them to access records for patients regardless of care setting. Clinical Decision Support takes the provider experience beyond our client’s wildest expectations by alerting providers to changes in conditions and recommending actions based on AMDA clinical pathways and research based order sets.

Take a Test Drive! CareAssist Pilot Progress, Features Demo, and Roadmap

A lot has changed in the last year! High Level Demonstration including the hottest new features. Controlled Substance Tracking, Barcoding and Behavior Management are just a few of the many features this year for CareAssist. CareAssist is taking the user experience into a new era. Come see what we have to offer!

Effective use of MatrixCare Clinical Decision Support to get the most Impact on Care

In this session you’ll learn how Clinical Decision Support, Evidenced-Based Tools, and Clinical Coach can positively impact care. The session will begin with admitting a resident using all the CDS tools. The focus during the admission will be on effectively using the clinical decision support tools to impact care and ultimately improve outcomes. The session will cover everything you need to know about CDS setup and implementation.

MDS Amazing Race – Compete in a Scavenger Hunt to find out who is the fastest team at locating MDS information in MatrixCare

Have you ever wondered how other MatrixCare users find MDS information? This session is about competing in teams with other MatrixCare users as we race across MatrixCare in search of MDS answers. There will be prizes, networking, and lots of fun. Participants are encouraged to bring a device to access MatrixCare.

Become a Pro at Effectively Auditing Your System – Part 1

Wondering what compliance reports are available to help with your QAPI process? Join this session as clinical experts walk you through and give you tips along the way! We will walk through compliance reports and ways to help with QAPI.

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part session. After joining us for this Part 1 session, please consider joining us for our Part 2 hands-on session where we will work with you to configure these features in YOUR MatrixCare environment.

MatrixCare for Skilled Nursing Clinical Demo

Join us for an overview of the value and effective workflow the Clinical components of MatrixCare provide. A good session for folks new to MatrixCare or those that are unfamiliar with the clinical components of MatrixCare.

MatrixCare – 2017 and beyond!

Join us for an informative look into our MatrixCare crystal ball and behold the future of MatrixCare for Skilled Nursing clinical functionality and a review of our product roadmap for success!

Destination QAPI: Navigation Tools for the New Path to Quality

The CMS mega rule is anticipated to be released during the fall 2016. Consequently, your QAPI process plan must be fully developed. This session will introduce you to many of the CMS and other tools available for implementing a successful QAPI program.

Understanding the Post-Acute Care New Quality Paradigm

CMS is releasing post-acute care quality measures at a rapid rate. The impact of these quality measures has both an immediate and ripple effect on admissions, health system partnerships, public opinion, and ultimately census. The session will help you to understand the various quality measures affecting post-acute care. The presenter will guide you through a discussion on how you can evaluate your clinical operations and identify opportunities for improvement.

Comprehensive Assessment of Pain, Medication Use and Falls in the Elderly

Many of the CMS quality measures surround common conditions associated with the elderly population. These include but are not limited to the management of pain, adverse drug reactions, and fall prevention within the elderly population. The session will review the evidence-based assessments and processes necessary to manage the risk surrounding these topics.

CareAssist for Skilled Nursing Facilities Focus Group

Do you have passion for forming the future strategy of how MatrixCare functions from a workflow perspective around key areas such as: behaviors, mood, and scheduling ADLs for the MDS? Join us for an interactive focus group where we will work together to continue improving MatrixCare based on your needs and innovative ideas.

Integration Go – Gotta Catch ’em All!

You never know what Pokemon are hiding down the street or in your backyard.  Do you know what integrations may be available and hiding right in your EHR? Interoperability offers streamlined, integrated processes and workflows. Join us for a review of what standard and advanced interfaces are available to you today with MatrixCare. We’ll discuss some of our long standing interfaces and partnerships and also take a peek at some of the newer integrations that we’ve been working on.  This is one technology ‘fad’ you’ll be hearing about for years to come. 

Advanced Interoperability

HIE, CCD, CDA, Cell Trust, Direct Protocol – Learn how MatrixCare’s commitment to Interoperability can assist with improving outcomes and gaining efficienies with secure, certified and reliable systems. And get a sneak peak at our new “Transition of Care Manager.”

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Requirements Workshop: Change in Condition

This facilitated workshop will provide an opportunity for clients to give input into CDS features/functionality to manage Change in Condition. The focus of this interactive session will be analysis of workflows related to resident Change in Condition – from initial identification of signs/symptoms through resolution of the issue. 

Daily Nurse Management Tools: Discover How to Know

Want to discover how to reduce overtime and prevent survey tags and fines due to charting that was never recorded? Learn how one client uses simple and easy to use MatrixCare reports to reduce overtime by thousands of dollars, increase charting compliance and prevent survey tags and fines. These reports and tools are a must for all your Nurse Managers and Supervisors.

Become a Pro at Effectively Auditing Your System – Part 2 (hands on)

Wondering what compliance reports are available to help with your QAPI process? Join this session as clinical experts walk you through your very own system and give you tips along the way! Please bring a laptop or your favorite device to login to MatrixCare for this hands on session. We will walk through compliance reports and ways to help with QAPI.

Prove Your Quality: Using Evidence-based Order Sets and Clinical Protocols to Differentiate the Quality of Care Your Facility Delivers

Value-based care isn’t just another buzzword; it’s here to stay. Whether your facility is concerned about readmissions – or involved in bundled payment – it’s vital to have strategies in place that ensure your teams are delivering appropriate, outcome focussed care. Join Think Research to learn how implementation of evidence-based, condition specific order sets and clinical protocols help your facility deliver the highest quality care, while proving to the hospitals in your network that they’ve chosen the right partner for their referrals.

Stand UP and Stand OUT! Training Assurance PLUS and MatrixCare Certification can help you do more with the MatrixCare solutions

Learn about additional MatrixCare offerings available to help you, your staff and your organization stand out from the crowd. Hear more about our Training Assurance PLUS program that offers annual training and consulting services around optimization, new hire training and release implementations. Plan ahead and have hours to use to ensure you are getting the most out of MatrixCare and add value to your business. With the MatrixCare Certification Program we are looking for all the Super Users and Subject Matter Experts we know are out there. Whether you lead internal training, manage a support desk or are a Super User on the floor, this program is designed for those that want to call out their knowledge and achieve more with a MatrixCare certification. Learn more about the process and this NEW program MatrixCare is launching.

Analytics’ Role in Creating Data Transparency: An Intro to Analytics

An introduction to why data and analytics are key to building transparencies between your financial to clinical data and throughout your organization. This will focus on the very basics on how to build a pivot table.

Going Green with MatrixCare! Step Closer to Becoming Paperless!

It’s time to thin those charts! Join this session to learn steps towards becoming paperless with MatrixCare functionality. Areas of focus will including: creating electronic admission forms, letters, and other documents (at the corporate and resident levels) based on Word templates!

Time to Bundle Up! – A consolidated billing storm is coming, are you prepared?

Warm up to the idea of Bundle Billing! In this session, we will go over the available setups and resources available from MatrixCare to help us track the residents operating under a bundle payment option. We will also look at some existing bundled plans and what that will mean for your care settings’ future. There are great reporting features in MatrixCare SNF and MatrixCare analytics that can be utilized to trend current expenses and where we need to go to budget for these resident payment options. Finally we will spend time looking at bundle payment models, comparing financial impact on the post-acute setting of residents in versus out of the bundled payment system.