MatrixCare® TimeTracker simplifies workforce management so that you can focus your attention where it matters most, resident care.

Implementing the right workforce management technology takes away the burden of manual staff scheduling, calculations and reporting. Errors are eliminated and processes can be audited to ensure compliance with important clinical regulations. Expertly manage your workforce with streamlined scheduling, real-time tracking of time and attendance, automated administration of absences and leaves and more.

MatrixCare’s time and labor management technology is purpose-built for LTPAC providers to help drive better business outcomes by controlling labor costs, increasing staff productivity and minimizing compliance risk.

Benefits of TimeTracker

Improve ROI

Deliver the highest quality resident care and control overtime costs. Compare and manage your direct versus auxiliary services, budgets versus schedules, budgets versus actuals, and monthly census ratios.

Enhance Your EHR Solution

Manage budgets and employee schedules through reporting on direct and indirect care labor by location, unit, department or position, in hours. Interactive summaries support dynamic sorting of relevant data to reflect your quality care priorities.

Elevate Employee Experience

Simplify critical absence and labor management tasks through real-time alerts such as initiating call offs, call backs and requesting a shift. Proactively track employees approaching overtime or full-time.

Meet Resident Needs

Avoid gaps in care with group scheduling and real-time notifications that includes employee call out features for absence management.

Lower Administrative Burdens

Automate calculations for overtime, shift premiums, call backs, and transfer hours. Configure day divides at 11 p.m. and adjust midnight day divides for PBJ. Customize your PTO policy, seniority-based rules, flex-time, floating holidays, and paid time off benefits based on days worked.

Reduce Risk

Meet organizational, federal, state, and local labor compliance requirements while still accommodating employee leave requests, unexpected absences, and census changes via desktop and mobile interaction.

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