The Fast, Friendly, Flexible Business Intelligence Solution for Managing Your Business.

MatrixCare Analytics is a robust reporting and business intelligence tool that helps you monitor key performance indicators and understand what is driving your business. Because Microsoft® Excel® services are embedded in Analytics, any advanced Excel user can quickly and easily create visually appealing reports and dashboards.

Benefits of MatrixCare Analytics


Key performance indicators can provide a snapshot of organizational performance, in near real-time, relative to clinical and operational goals.


Near real-time information available whenever you need it, wherever you are means that you can make immediate adjustments to positively impact performance today rather than waiting for a report to tell you how you did last week or last month.


Data is the heartbeat of your business – you can use MatrixCare Analytics to drill into the data to understand what is driving performance.


With an understanding of the root causes underlying clinical and operational performance, you can modify protocols and processes and monitor the results.

Ask & Research

Take questions from executives and leaders in your organization and drill into the data to find the answers. Companywide initiatives can be identified based on findings to further improve outcomes, surveys, audits, processes, etc.

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