Home Care

MatrixCare’s private duty software is a powerful solution providing exceptional care delivery from the office to the home and throughout the community.

Whether you are a caregiver in the home or a staff user in the back office, our private duty software makes home care simple for all users. Our comprehensive private duty software solution is fully HIPAA compliant, scalable, and intuitive. We partner with our clients to continuously develop solutions that meet their companies’ needs. Our team consists of knowledgeable industry experts and an in-office support team with a 98% approval rating.

Robust Private Duty Software You Won’t Outgrow

  • Client and Caregiver Management
  • Flexible Scheduler
  • Mobile Schedules and Task Capture
  • Point of Care for Assessments and Visit Notes
  • Integrated Telephony
  • Payroll & Reimbursement
  • Billing & A/R
  • Sales & Marketing

Benefits of MatrixCare for Private Duty

Improve Client Acquisition & Revenue Growth

Convert more leads to clients with integrated CRM and follow-up reminders. Know which referral sources and marketing campaigns are working and which are not. Keep clients happy by retaining them longer with best caregiver matching.

Reduce Costs

Our flexible licensing options ensure your private duty software costs scale down as you grow your business. Smaller companies can choose Active Client Pricing to start, but convert to a Named User Pricing model once their business expands. We are your software partner, not an equity partner. Why choose a vendor whose costs scale up as you grow?

Grow Unbounded

Home care is changing and MatrixCare is ready. No matter where your opportunities lead you, our one software platform can manage it all. Because our client base is so large and diverse, we typically have a viable software solution before other vendors even see the challenge. For growing private duty companies, our software solution serves as a replicator of your most valuable staff members by making information once stored in their heads or on sticky notes readily available to all the right people across your agency and to all your operational processes. MatrixCare’s private duty software greatly simplifies the tasks of matching, scheduling, payroll, billing and revenue cycle management.

Improve Caregiver Recruitment and Retention

Caregivers are scarce and increasingly harder to find and keep. Once you have them, keep them happy and engaged with our mobile solutions for time & attendance, task tracking, visit notes and assessments. Build close staff/caregiver ties with the power of information with reminders, activity tracking, notifications, and warnings to keep your staff abreast of the things that are important to your caregivers and to your success.

Real-Time, Real People

While our software continues to change as the home care industry and regulatory requirements evolve; what has never changed is our unwavering focus on supporting our clients day-to-day in a friendly and responsive manner. Our clients have the ability to rate us throughout the year, and while we don’t always get a perfect score (98% approval rating in 2015), it is our goal on every call. Online help, videos, and documentation are available, but our clients overwhelmingly prefer to call us when they need help – and we love that!

Save Time

MatrixCare’s private duty software solution has been designed to eliminate redundant data entry and to streamline recurring tasks such as scheduling, payroll and billing. In the home and in the community, visit information captured via smartphone or telephony stages every visit for payroll and billing. Communication between the office and caregiver via our mobile application reduces calls to the office, connects people with announcements and reminders, and gives you time back in your day.

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