MatrixCare® Financial and Operations Management gives you the tools and dynamic intelligence to manage your operations with precision and in real-time.

MatrixCare Financial and Operations Management provides the capability to efficiently manage budgeting, billing & census, accounting, operations, payables, human resources, and move-in/move-out, and tailor these workflow processes to reflect your community’s specific policies and procedures.

“You should use MatrixCare because it’s the most complete, integrated, simple, and cost-effective system out there.”

~ Steve Lampa, Partner, Kensington Senior Living

Benefits of Financial & Operations Management

Maximize Operating Margins

MatrixCare’s budget tools allow you to track and analyze real-time budget vs. actual revenue and expense data, and built-in dashboards provide access to actionable data at a glance to drive proactive decision-making. Plus, you can access Key Performance Indicators on the go from your mobile device with our exclusive app.

Streamline the Billing Process

MatrixCare helps you improve billing accuracy and efficiency through automation, comprehensive reporting options, and flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your community.

Manage Census More Effectively

With MatrixCare, you can view real-time census, vacancy and occupancy information including physical and financial occupancy by beds and/or units to help keep your community full and assure a pleasant move-in and structured move-out process for residents and families.

Proactively Manage Staffing

MatrixCare provides real-time access to information on employee time and attendance to help proactively reduce overtime on a daily basis.

Efficiently Manage Accounting Processes

MatrixCare offers customizable work flows and approval processes, document management, robust audit trails, comprehensive reporting, and General Ledger integration to help automate processes and increase Business Office efficiency.