MatrixCare® Resident Care Management gives you the power to deliver superior services to your residents and capture revenue for all services delivered.

Seamless integration with MatrixCare’s lead management system means that resident data flows into the move-in and assessment process. Our Resident Care Management software provides efficient tools to accurately assess the needs of each resident, create a detailed Service Plan, deliver and document quality care, and accurately bill for services provided. MatrixCare knows that clinical requirements vary amongst providers and from state to state. Resident Care Management gives you the flexibility to tailor the system to meet your unique needs.

“You should use MatrixCare because you will have all the data you need at your fingertips to make your operation run. You’re not trying to adapt a system to try to do things that you want it to do because it works already with that environment.”

~ Krista Kramer, Accounting Manager, Chancellor Health Partners

Benefits of Resident Care Management

Capture Revenue More Accurately

The resident management system from MatrixCare allows you to automatically create service plans from assessments and automate billing changes based on assessment level changes to ensure charges accurately reflect the services provided. Plus, assessments can be customized to manage state or community-specific regulations.

Mitigate Risk

With MatrixCare, you can schedule, track and analyze assessments to ensure your residents are receiving the care and assistance they need to thrive and avoid accidents and injuries. In addition, you can document and track resident and employee-related incidents to help you address risk factors proactively.

Improve Quality of Care

Our resident management system provides full integration with CareAssist, allowing you to improve communication among caregivers through more accurate, consistent documentation and convenient access to all resident data.