MatrixCare Insight Program

Insight Program Overview

MatrixCare is committed to continued improvement and innovation in our product offerings. While Analytics (MS Excel) has served our clients well for many years, we have developed advanced products built on a more powerful platform to take advantage of new technologies. Our Insight Program offers our current Analytics clients the technology and tools to help you effectively adopt and use analytics with our new MyAnalytics application which was rolled out in mid-2017, at no additional cost. Since that time, many Analytics (MS Excel) clients have taken advantage of our trade-in offer for MyAnalytics and are using the newer product effectively today. Analytics (MS Excel) will be retired in two different waves as described below:

  • For customers with ZERO login activity in the past 90 days, the system will be shut down by October 31, 2018
  • For customers with ANY login activity in the past 90 days, the system will be shut down by December 31, 2018
All existing Analytics (MS Excel) customers are eligible for this trade-in offer, even after all systems have been retired on the dates described above. The MatrixCare Insight Program encompasses everything you need to successfully transition to a more advanced analytics product that's easier to use and provides more immediate value. The program includes:

  • An upgrade to MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNFlearn more
  • All-inclusive, white-glove implementation of MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF
  • Web-based product orientation to get you started with MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF
  • Unlimited Client Support
  • Pre-recorded  product demonstration

Compare Products

Product FeatureAnalytics (MS Excel)MyAnalytics (MS PowerBI)
Advanced VisualizationsCheckmark
Aging by Service Date ReportCheckmark
Aging by Transaction Date ReportCheckmark
Automatic Content UpdatesCheckmark
BI Technology PlatformCheckmark
Census ReportCheckmarkCheckmark
Clinical Events ReportCheckmark
Dashboard MashupsCheckmark
Financial AR ReportCheckmarkCheckmark
Five-Star Ratings ReportCheckmark
Mobile AppCheckmark
Prebuilt Content Library (reports)CheckmarkCheckmark
Prebuilt Content Library (reports) -multiple tabs per reportCheckmark
Quality Measures ReportCheckmarkCheckmark
Readmissions ReportCheckmarkCheckmark
Self-service Report WritingCheckmarkCheckmark
Single-login via one URLCheckmark
Speed-of-thought Performance (slicers)Checkmark
Transaction Audit ReportCheckmark
View-only PermissionsCheckmark

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the impact of this program on current users when SNF Analytics is "retired"?

MatrixCare's SNF Analytics will be retired effective December 31, 2018 or sooner if no recent login activity has been detected. This means that users of those products will need to migrate to our new MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF prior to that date because the old system is going away.

2. Will the SNF Analytics product be retired?

Yes, the product has been in maintenance mode since the release of MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF last year. There is no migration path between the products as they are completely different from a user-interface and reports format standpoint.

3. Why has MatrixCare decided to retire the SNF Analytics product?

We have replaced it with the new and improved MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF product, therefore we are offering our existing customers using Analytics (MS Excel) an upgrade to newer and better technology. Additionally, we can no longer incur the cost of maintaining multiple Analytics products.

4. What will happen to historical data or saved report templates in SNF Analytics?

The data model in MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF has everything in the SNF Analytics data model, and more. Therefore, the same level of copied historical data from the core system will be available within the new product. Saved report templates will be lost. The new product contains a large library of report content that SNF Analytics did NOT include and this content will replace the report templates that were lost.

5. How long does it take to implement MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF?

From start to finish, your new system should be up and running in approximately 2 weeks. Please note that this timeline may be adjusted based on the size of your organization and other factors.

6. How much set up does this transition require?

Very little. The new system is intuitive and comes with a large library of prebuilt content across the entire data model. Users will be analyzing within minutes of logging in and without any training.

7. What about training?

MatrixCare offers a variety of options for training. Your MatrixCare Implementation Project Manager will create a plan that best fits the needs of your organization. Self-service report writing is possible within MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF, but is NOT part of the training plan. The User Guide contains helpful links to Microsoft® PowerBI training videos that users can watch to learn how to create their own content, if desired. Reports that relied on MS Excel functionality such as formulas or extra imported data not present in the data model will NOT be possible to replicate in the new product.

8. How much does it cost to move to the new products?

Current SNF Analytics customers are eligible for $0 trade-in for MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF. Contact your MatrixCare Account Manager for more information.

9. When should current SNF Analytics customers switch to MatrixCare MyAnalytics SNF?

All clients must be moved by Dec 31, 2018 or sooner if no recent login activity. It is in the client's best interest to take advantage of the trade-in program. Contact your Account Manager for details.

10. Is MatrixCare retiring any other products?

MatrixCare is committed to continued improvement and innovation in our product offerings. Sometimes that means upgrading to a new platform in order to take advantage of new technologies. However, we always do our best to provide tools and incentives to make migration to new products as seamless and affordable as possible.

11. Are PowerAccess or PowerCube being retired now, too?

No, PowerAccess and PowerCube are NOT part of this program and will remain in their current states until further notice. We will be reviewing those products in 2019 and determine a reasonable migration path before announcing retirement.

12. What if we need more time on SNF Analytics?

Talk to your MatrixCare Account Manager to arrange for an extension. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for those that still have activity on the old product.

13. How do I get started?

Visit our website at to sign up for a demo and/or contact your MatrixCare Account Manager.

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