“MatrixCare really has been great. Our registry has grown tremendously, and we needed a software solution that could support us. Having MatrixCare right by our side makes our life really easy. Schedules are great, and easy to work on. We try to use the system to its maximum in order to help us productivity-wise. The system is our core.” – Administrator Douglas Gardens

Douglas Gardens Home Care, a not-for-profit nurse registry based in Miami, Florida, serves over 300 clients with a combined 8,000 hours weekly of home care. In 2007, they selected a software solution and abandoned their manual paper-based process. In 2014, Douglas Gardens was alerted by their software vendor that they would no longer be able to support them. Panicked by this news, Douglas Gardens immediately began the search for a new vendor.
After selecting and implementing the MatrixCare Home Care software solution, they realized an immediate return on investment. There have been many areas of increased efficiency and operational improvements, including saving 8 hours of processing time in their weekly payroll processing, decreasing the time to verify visits by 60%, and increased reporting accuracy.


During Douglas Garden’s implementation and training they were met with the challenge of the elimination of the companionship exemption and its subsequent repeal. With the support of a responsive team at MatrixCare, Douglas Gardens remained on task and hit their go live date without any complications. When the companionship exemption was again eliminated, Douglas Gardens simply reconfigured their settings and were all set to comply with the changes.

Streamlined Reporting

On the previous system, Douglas Gardens found that reconciling financial reports was a cumbersome if not impossible task. Even though the reports were automated, producing consistent numbers continued to evade them, resulting in many hours of wasted time. With the switch to MatrixCare, financial reports were easily reconciled and locked down with a simple month-end closing process.


Visit Verification – Douglas Gardens has one back office team member responsible for all visit verifications. The prior system’s process took a week and a half to complete. MatrixCare’s scheduling and visit verification process cut the time in this critical step by 60%.

Reporting Capabilities The previous system lacked adequate reporting capabilities. The variety of reports in MatrixCare assist them in their daily routine. For example, the Daily Activity tracking previously required a manual paper-based process. By utilizing the Daily Activity Report in MatrixCare, the back office staff can now easily track complaints and other trends. They are also able to quickly produce information regarding caregiver work refusals. Additionally, the Administrator utilizes the customized letters functionality in MatrixCare to prepare and send communications to caregivers, doctors as well as clients.


Caregiver Time Cards – Time card totals were frequently requested but not automatically available within the old system. In order to provide the aides with a time card total, the team would have had to manually tally the hours, resulting in several hours wasted a day. In MatrixCare, the team can easily run a time card report and print it for the caregiver. This is now a process that takes minutes rather than hours.

Payroll Time Saving – MatrixCare cut payroll processing by 8 hours per week, saving $640 per month.


The accuracy and increased productivity realized with the MatrixCare solution gave Douglas Gardens the confidence to open new satellite offices in 2015. Moreover, they now know they have a vendor that will continue to innovate, provide exceptional customer service, and be there for them for many years to come.


  • Time savings of 8 hours a week a $640 monthly savings
  • 60% decrease in verification processing time
  • Significant increases in efficiency
  • Accurate reporting for month-end
  • Confidence to expand satellite offices