Fairview Manor is a not-for-profit nursing home located in Fairmont, Nebraska. Fairview’s values are based on resident-centered care, creating a life worth living, and providing their residents with choice and control. To help them provide the highest level of resident care, Fairview chose to partner with Community Pharmacy and implement a more advanced eMAR system to help streamline the orders process. MatrixCare CareAssist, with its advanced pharmacy-centric order entry (PCOE) capabilities, connects the pharmacy and the skilled nursing or assisted living facility in a way that makes everyone’s jobs easier, and improves resident care and safety.

“In a successfully developed eMAR, the developer should create a medium for smooth communication between the pharmacy and facility,” explains Jim Ryan, IT Director at Community Pharmacy. Community Pharmacy believes strongly in the use of technology to create a safe and streamlined process so that they can provide individualized patient care and superior partnerships with the clients they serve. Community Pharmacy’s clients have been increasingly pushing for a process that “takes the workload” off the nursing staff and enables the pharmacy to assist with data entry.

On the facility side, Fairview Manor realized immediate time savings when they converted to CareAssist pharmacy-centric order entry from another e-prescribing product. “Our facility saves 4-6 hours of data entry time on Admissions,” says Justin Sole, RN at Fairview.

“The facility has virtually no data entry time. Data entry is done at a pharmacy by technicians who are trained specifically for data entry and specialize in that process. Then orders are reviewed by a pharmacist for accuracy, drug-drug interaction, potential duplicate therapy, and reactions that could come from patient’s allergies. The facility simply verifies the imported order after the fact,” according to Ryan. This results in greater than 99% accuracy of order entry, which virtually eliminates medication errors caused by inaccurate data entry.

Overall, Fairview’s use of CareAssist has resulted in a 70% reduction in medication errors. “MatrixCare offers many advanced features such as barcode scanning, auto-reviewing of previously processed messages, and inventory control including narcotic count, that contribute to medication error reduction,” explains Sole.

In addition, Community Pharmacy experienced a 15% time savings on order entry at the pharmacy level. “This allows us to provide a higher level of service at a lower cost to our customers,” continues Ryan.

Implementation was a smooth process for both Fairview Manor and Community Pharmacy. “The people at MatrixCare are exceptional. They understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a high standard for the product. They understand that a successful eMAR is a collaboration between eMAR developer, the facility using the eMAR, and the pharmacy serving the facility. MatrixCare’s quick response to unforeseen issues, the high quality of care shown to the facility, and the willingness to listen to the needs/concerns of the facility and pharmacy are so valuable in creating a great eMAR,” Sole said.

“Because of the method in which Matrix implements PCOE without needing changes to a pharmacy workflow, we know we support a ‘go-live’ with a facility using MatrixCare PCOE in a matter of just a few days. This process can take up to 10 weeks with other eMARs,” Ryan said.

MatrixCare’s innovative strategy to provide both the facility and pharmacy with a tool that enables them to be more efficient and productive has the additional benefit of improving resident safety and reducing the facility’s level of liability, by reducing medication errors.

In addition to its advanced eMAR functionality, MatrixCare CareAssist also provides intuitive point-of-care capabilities to help ensure the quality of care as well as the accuracy of documentation.


  • Inefficient communication and workflows between the community and the pharmacy
  • Medication errors that could put resident safety at risk and increase liability
  • Too much time spent on data-entry takes caregiver time away from residents


MatrixCare CareAssist eMAR


  • Elimination of the need to clarify/correct data entry errors
  • 70% reduction in medication errors
  • 32% reduction in data-entry time