As advancements in technology for long-term care continue to expand, Hill Top Home of Comfort, a 50-bed skilled nursing facility in western North Dakota, chose to implement MatrixCare, a Web-based clinical EHR and financial software system. Users of the On-Line Advantage system since 2001, Hill Top decided to make the change to MatrixCare and went live on the system in December 2011. “We wanted to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to free up our staff from paperwork and allow them to provide better care for our residents,” said Greg Armitage, Administrator at Hill Top. “Implementing the MatrixCare EHR system has reduced redundancies in our processes, and more accurate information is being documented, which optimizes our reimbursement.”

“We have always had a good experience with MatrixCare, as a company and with the staff,” said Armitage. “We knew of other facilities in the area that were already on MatrixCare that are happy with it, so it made the decision easier when it came time to choose a new software system.” Hill Top uses the fully integrated clinical and financial package for MatrixCare, including eMAR and Point of Care. “As the accountant in the group, I was really looking forward to the increased efficiencies and features of the Accounts Receivable side of MatrixCare,” stated Armitage. “I am really impressed with the way MatrixCare records information when it comes to billing. In our previous system, advanced billing was more cumbersome and we spent time having to manipulate data in Excel spreadsheets. With MatrixCare, this is straight forward and everything is done within the system.” Using MatrixCare AR, you can run the Charge Calculator (to recalculate billing after making changes to setups or patient liability, after keying ancillaries, and so on) at any time to get an accurate picture of a resident’ s balance. MatrixCare features comprehensive retro billing that re-calculates a resident balance after any change that affects AR, such as updates to Medicaid rates and updates to patient liability amounts.

“The Collections module of MatrixCare is also much more robust than what we were used to,” adds Armitage. “I’m looking forward to the ability to keep track of our receivables in a more efficient and innovative way.” The Collections module enables you to set up specific collections criteria in MatrixCare and the system creates user defined tasks to be resolved by collections users. The reporting feature is also more advanced with reports such as Collections Aging, Collector Statistics report, and Late Tasks report.

On the clinical side, Hill Top is already seeing an improvement in workflow and efficiency by using Point of Care. MatrixCare POC allows for tracking of MDS and Vitals with integration back to the clinical record. “Our CNAs used to fill out paper forms for Vitals and ADL’s. Then, a charge nurse would enter that information into the system,” explains Armitage. “Now, with POC, our CNAs are able to electronically record that information at the time of care and it flows right to the MDS. There is more accuracy in the documentation which improves reimbursement and also saves time that they can use to provide care to the resident.”

“Nursing staff is also seeing a much improved and efficient process when it comes to med passes,” stated Armitage. “Being able to electronically document medications and treatments, along with the capability to see the entire patient record in real-time, saves staff time and reduces errors.” Before Hill Top could start benefiting from all the advantages of an EHR system, there were the key components of implementation and training. “We were very happy with the whole implementation process, especially our project manager,” said Armitage. Hill Top purchased an implementation package that provided more hands-on assistance from MatrixCare experts. An Implementation Project Manager (IPM) was assigned at the beginning of the process. “We had constant contact with our IPM and she ‘held our hand’ through each step to make sure things stayed on track. Our questions were always answered promptly, and she understood when there were delays on our end,” added Armitage.

As part of the implementation package, more individualized training is provided and usually takes place at the client site. “Our staff had a very positive experience with the MatrixCare trainers. We were impressed with the knowledge level and their thoroughness,” Armitage said. “They were patient with us as we became accustomed to the system. Most of the training was at our facility, but we also went to the Minneapolis office for MDS, Care Plans and AR training. It was nice to eliminate the daily distractions at the facility so we could focus on the training.”

“We are happy with our decision to move to MatrixCare. Our staff comments on the ease of use of the system and how easy it is to pick-up, even for those not-so-savvy computer users,” states Armitage. “Our overall experience continues to be positive, including the support we receive when we do have questions or issues.”

Facility Profile

Hill Top Home of Comfort is a non-profit, 50 bed skilled nursing care facility, located in Killdeer, ND. Hill Top provides appropriate nursing care in a “homey” atmosphere. The establishment of Hill Top Home has made it possible for people from the Killdeer community to remain ‘at home’ while receiving nursing care. The mission at Hill Top is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring to the people that call it home. It has been said that home is where the heart is and Hill Top is proud that it has earned the reputation of being known as “the Home with Heart”. The goals are to provide care that extends and enhances the quality of life for residents; to contribute in every way to the development of the resident’s fullest potential through preventative, corrective and supportive care; and above all, to respect the dignity of the individual.


  • Redundancies in workflow
  • Cumbersome billing process
  • Need for cutting-edge, web-based system


MatrixCare, the easy-to-use, integrated clinical and financial software system that improves clinical outcomes and maximizes provider performance across the continuum of care.


  • Efficient clinical processes and accurate documentation by nursing staff
  • More robust AR and Collections features
  • User-friendly system