MatrixCare® helps LTC Services, LLC provide superior care for their residents

As one of the largest providers of skilled and long-term care facilities in the state of Oklahoma, LTC Services, LLC naturally made the decision to move to an EHR in 2012 when the needs of the organization grew. Formed in the early 1990s by two prominent families in Sequoyah County, LTC Services, LLC had a vision for the aging community and began the process of building skilled nursing facilities throughout the state. Their first try at implementing an EHR was cut short due to the fact the implementation was not smooth and staff felt the system was difficult to use resulting in staff going back to their old platform. Then came MatrixCare® to the rescue.

Choctaw Nation, a 72-bed LTC Services facility in Antler, OK piloted MatrixCare, the fasting growing EHR in long-term care, and soon to follow were the remaining 14 LTC Services skilled facilities and a set of long term care apartments. “We implemented MatrixCare in our facilities and haven’t looked back,” said Brandon Morgan, Chief Financial Officer.

The benefits of an integrated system are evident in Morgan’s role as CFO. “I can log in to the Census Summary Report and take a look at different payers and see where census is at in each building and identify where growth is needed,” states Morgan. “I find the AR Aging report invaluable to make sure we are running efficiently. I can easily see where we are billing and if we are getting paid and quickly see what payers have outstanding balances. Not to mention all of this can be done anytime, anywhere making it easier to communicate with staff.”

The ease of use and the logical way the system is set up are all things Crystal Thomas, Corporate Biller, appreciates in her role. “You do not need to be an accountant to be able to navigate and use MatrixCare,” Thomas says. “The Month End Close was made substantially easier and faster by utilizing reports such as the Cash Receipt report. I can quickly verify the cash receipts that were posted in MatrixCare and they are grouped by payer making it even more convenient.” One of the advantages of an EHR is the ability for everyone in the organization to see what is being done in the system at any time. “Refunds can be posted and the AP department can run the report and refund those residents or payers easily,” states Thomas. “And we would be lost without the Resident Notes report. With managing 15 facilities, it is of great value, especially when billing Commercial payers, to look at the notes at any time to see why a payer hasn’t been paid.”

When it comes to the clinical side of MatrixCare, the organization’s ‘jack of all trades’, Jessica Allen, stated, “As our organization grew, we needed to be able to track and trend in facilities, ensure compliance by making sure that our documentation was getting done accurately, and to monitor that there was consistency in care. We have that now with MatrixCare.” Allen’s role encompasses many areas of the organization and she is constantly using the system. “As the Corporate Nurse, I love being able to log in one time and be able to switch from facility to facility easily. And the ability to customize our reports and pick and choose what we see is a huge value. A big concern is compliance and it is so easy to run a compliance report to ensure the documentation and tasks being entered for the CNAs are being completed,” Allen commented. “The integration of an EHR is important in many ways, but I see it being a huge benefit when new residents are coming into a facility and we can note for example Medicaid approval is pending and Morgan, CFO, can see that on the Aging Report immediately.”

With the transition to an EHR, Allen notes that the front line staff was resistant to change in the beginning. However once they started using MatrixCare, “the system was easy to navigate and flowed really well. Documentation was so much easier and staff can update assessments with ease and a click of a button and not spend time doing double documentation.”

A big reason LTC Services chose to implement MatrixCare was the world class implementation and support LTC Services received from MatrixCare staff. “From the staff that helped us set-up the system, to the trainers who were so knowledgeable, and now the support staff that always picks up the phone and finds us answers; we could not be more pleased,” Allen stated. “We really appreciated the approach the trainer took with us. He asked us how we do things on a daily basis and took a more customized approach. There were people that weren’t comfortable with computers, but the MatrixCare trainers were patient and handled it very well. We felt that we had plenty of time in our training to cover what was needed and even time for discussions about future functionally.”

As the landscape of long-term care continues to change and more and more emphasis is put on capturing, analyzing, and presenting data, LTC Services, LLC is confident in their future with MatrixCare. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with MatrixCare,” states Morgan. “Our staff loves the system and the strong relationships we have formed with MatrixCare staff all contribute to us providing superior care for our residents.”

Facility Profile

Professional Long Term Care d/b/a LTC Accounting Services, LLC was formed in the early 90s by two prominent families in Sequoyah County. They had a vision for the aging community and began the process of building Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout the state of Oklahoma. Today the company is comprised of 15 Skilled facilities, a set of long term care apartments and a support center that handles all of the financial and contract functions for the facilities. Together the company has 1391 duly licensed beds and a staff of 715 people. The LTC homes continue to be one of the largest providers of skilled and long term care in the state.


  • Previous platform was not an EHR
  • Lack of reporting capabilities
  • Lack of integration between software systems


MatrixCare, the easy-to-use, integrated clinical and financial software system that improves clinical outcomes and maximizes provider performance across the continuum of care.


  • Integrated system with access anytime, anywhere for increased efficiency
  • Robust reporting capabilities to monitor entire organization resulting in improved compliance and reimbursement
  • Easy to use system allowing for easy adoption and increased productivity of staff