When Senior Living industry leader Steven Vick founded Signature Senior Living in 2005, his leadership team had a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in senior living operations.

Everyone on the team had worked with almost all of the leading software solutions for Senior Living. But their collective assessment was that they had not yet seen a complete solution. That’s when Right Click Software was born.

Built by an organization staffed by experts in senior living, their mission to create an integrated, easy-to-use Senior Living software became MatrixCare for Senior Living – a solution that allows operators to focus on providing the best care to their residents, and manage budgets more effectively.

The Signature Senior Living management team defined the components required for a complete operational system with integration as a primary objective – to improve the accuracy of information and reduce redundancy in the usage of the system for their teams in the field.

They also participated in time studies on the complete operations of communities to understand actual needs and how to align tasks efficiently. The goal was to reduce the time spent on processing information in the field and at the corporate offices – and increase the time spent providing quality services to residents–managing both the mission and the margin.

When MatrixCare for Senior Living was piloted in Signature Senior Living communities, “We listened to the feedback and input from our teams in the field,” said Sharee Cummings, Vice President of Operations for Signature Senior Living, “since they are the closest to our customer and are hands-on, performing the needed tasks.”

The results? Real-time data provided by MatrixCare for Senior Living helped corporate and community leaders quickly assess the status of residents and community operations.

Here’s how Cummings prepares for a typical day using MatrixCare for Senior Living:

  • Review Dashboards for real-time information on key operational metrics such as accounts receivable aging, actual vs. budget expense information, employee data including new hires, terminations, employees that have worked 32 or more hours in the current week, the current status of assessments of the residents’ care, etc.
  • Address pending tasks that require her review or approval.
  • Review information on any recent incidents to ensure that they were addressed in accordance with their policies and any applicable state requirements and follow-up with families if needed.
  • Review current occupancies in Senior Living and Memory Care units then check the current employee attendance data to evaluate staffing levels.
  • Check status of projected move-ins and move-outs in case assistance or follow-up is required.
  • On billing days, check the status of monthly billing completed and the revenue snapshot for each community for the current month and revenue projected for the following month vs. budget.

MatrixCare for Senior Living helps Signature Senior Living’s Executive Directors better manage their time with dashboards that:

  • Alert them to pending tasks and timelines for daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
  • Review team members’ tasks and assist with follow-up or provide additional direction if needed.
  • Provide a complete view into community operations for that day, week or month.

Signature Senior Living’s nurses use MatrixCare for Senior Living to:

  • Determine which assessments are due or need to be updated.
  • Document and track incidents.
  • Record clinical notes and data to trend resident wellness over time.

MatrixCare for Senior Living helps the sales team:

  • Know exactly what tasks need to be completed to ensure that leads are handled in a professional and timely fashion.
  • Understand referral sources and required follow-up.
  • Identify areas that need more outreach events and professional referral contacts.
  • Communicate more effectively regarding the obstacles to closing business, leads for deposits, and move-in conversions.

Superior Care, Better Outcomes

Using MatrixCare for Senior Living, Signature Senior Living staff spend less time on administrative tasks and more time caring for residents. With real-time information at their fingertips, staff can quickly and accurately answer resident and family questions and make changes appropriate to resident choices or needs. And more effective cost management and increased awareness of all components of operations means that Executive Directors are better positioned to make decisions and address issues in a timely manner.

Signature Senior Living’s operations team is more efficient–giving them more time out in the community interacting with residents and families.

“We have hired operations teams from other companies and they are amazed at the time management and efficiencies they can achieve using MatrixCare for Senior Living,” commented Cummings. “The focus is on the residents and the system enables them to work smarter, not harder to balance the mission and margin.”

Facility Profile

Signature Senior Living, LLC (SSL) was co-founded in March of 2005 by Steven Vick. He has over 20 years of experience in providing care and services to the senior living industry. The relationships that he has established with the residents, families and staff of the communities has helped to develop an outstanding reputation for his commitment to the quality of life for the residents. Signature Senior Living communities offer a choice of senior living and memory care apartments, and is in the process of developing Senior Living and Memory Care communities throughout the state of Texas with the home office located in Irving, Texas. We believe that providing care to seniors is truly a local business in your local community. We work closely with all community leaders to ensure that our services and business will benefit the local community, as well as our residents and their families.


  • Lack of integration between software systems
  • Double entry of information into multiple systems
  • No real-time information available


MatrixCare for Senior Living


  • Reduced time spent on administrative duties by 20 hours per week
  • Improved time management for staff
  • Better cost control due to real-time expense management