As the largest provider of health information technology to the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) market in the United States, MatrixCare was the first to take an open API, standards-based approach to interoperability. We affirm our ongoing commitment to:

Consumer access:
To help consumers easily and securely access their electronic health information, direct it to any desired location, learn how their information can be shared and used, and be assured that this information will be effectively and safely used to benefit their health and that of their community.

The MatrixCare CareCommunity is designed to facilitate effective care coordination to reduce the cost of health care and, more importantly, improve the quality of life for seniors. By supporting standards-based interoperability, the CareCommunity will give residents, families, and members of the virtual care team access to a true, longitudinal health record.

No Blocking/Transparency:
To help providers share individuals’ health information for care with other providers and their patients whenever permitted by law, and not block electronic health information (defined as knowingly and unreasonably interfering with information sharing).

MatrixCare Connections is an innovative program that formally certifies the interoperability between MatrixCare and third-party systems and service organizations that support our LTPAC providers. It ensures that they are prepared for the increased data exchange demands within the LTPAC continuum and beyond. MatrixCare Connections facilitates both direct-to-acute connections and intermediated connections through Health Information Exchanges.

Implement federally recognized, national interoperability standards, policies, guidance, and practices for electronic health information, and adopt best practices including those related to privacy and security.

MatrixCare sends more NCPDP messages than all other LTPAC HIT providers combined. Our customers use MatrixCare to produce thousands of CCDs every month to support effective transitions of care with their healthcare network partners. MatrixCare also offers the ability to send encrypted health information directly to trusted recipients over the Internet using the DIRECT protocol and is DEA certified to electronically send prescriptions for controlled substances.

We have and will continue to actively represent LTPAC in various industry organizations to develop and provide feedback on existing and emerging interoperability standards.