“Best in KLAS” is both an honor and a promise…

Based on customer feedback, it’s evidence that as a MatrixCare-powered provider, you will outperform your peers on quality measures:

“The software gives us a quick and easy way to remotely monitor completion and compliance. It is amazing how quickly we can monitor compliance and see where our problems are. We can put our resources where our problems are.”

– COO, December 2018*

…That MatrixCare is easy to use:

“MatrixCare is very user friendly. When we have new staff members come in, it takes very little time to orient and train them.”

– Nurse, May 2017*

…That MatrixCare will connect to the other systems you rely on:

“MatrixCare has built integrations for eMAR systems, and they have an eMAR for our pharmacy management software. Everything is already built and integrated, so we don’t have to build any of that ourselves. The vendor has a good interoperability plan.”

– VP/Other Executive, June 2018*

No wonder so many providers are upgrading to MatrixCare!

MatrixCare’s mission is to leverage technology to improve the lives of America’s seniors and those who care for them. We’re honored to be the first technology provider to have earned Best in KLAS for Long-Term Care Software three years in a row and we are committed to delighting and empowering our customers for many years to come.

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*Selected KLAS commentary from MatrixCare customers about MatrixCare LTC, May 2017 to December 2018. For a complete view www.klasresearch.com