As a MatrixCare® client, you may have multiple usernames and passwords with MatrixCare. Below please see a breakdown of the different username and password combinations you might have.


WEB ID is your personal account to access the client area of the MatrixCare website. The WEB ID is not associated with any other user name or password you might use for any of our products. Anyone that is a client can register for a personal WEB ID at Once the WEB ID account is reviewed and approved, clients can log in to the client area of our website at to access product documentation, tutorials, training, downloads, and more.

Client ID

Client ID is your facility’s MatrixCare-assigned ID. Since different facilities can share the same name, the Client ID uniquely identifies your facility to MatrixCare when you contact support, our business office, or your sales representative. The Client ID is assigned to a facility at the time of implementation. This is important for use with our eSupport portal.

Product Login

Product Login consists of the user name and password assigned to you to access your specific MatrixCare product and is maintained within the application, whether it is installed locally at your facility or hosted by MatrixCare.