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2019 Directions

MatrixCare Directions will provide you with comprehensive learning experiences, networking with peers, the newest technologies, and one-on-one time with industry experts to help you maximize your use of MatrixCare software and do your job more efficiently.

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MatrixCare Celebrates National Nutrition Month 2019

Written by Amy Wootton, RDN, Director of Nutrition Management

Amy Wootton

MatrixCare recognizes the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ National Nutrition Month this March. Finding resources to provide appropriate nutrition information and evaluate the needs of your community members is key in helping them succeed in living a healthful life. Look to these five areas to ensure you are putting your residents in the best position to succeed:

  • Be a Food Safety Ambassador– Have a no-tolerance rule for poor food handling. Provide monthly education on food safety topics and follow proper food temperature control guidance.
  • Menu Planning Management– Providing proper meals that meet the Dietary Guidelines is not just for regulatory purposes. Nutrition is important. Allow adequate time and expertise for meal planning, and have your menus reviewed by a Registered
  • Provide Proper Portion Sizes– A scoop goes a long way! Make sure your portions not only meet the minimum nutritional guidelines, but are monitored for risk of over-serving and eating into your bottom line.
  • Evaluate Nutrition Needs–Food Preference & Nutrition Assessments capture the true picture of your resident. Dietary professionals are key resources in providing an accurate nutritional care plan.
  • Adhere to Diet Orders– To liberalize or not to liberalize is an ongoing conundrum. If a special diet is prescribed to meet medical needs and manage disease conditions, adherence can be critical. Creating an agreed-upon diet order formulary—that is adhered to from order to delivery—is the best standard of practice so that all team members and resident know what will be provided.

We are happy to help you meet these five critical areas through our MealTracker dietary software. MatrixCare offers nutrition software for your facilities that can encourage your efforts to help residents live their best life! Check out MealTracker and RetailTracker to see how we can serve you.

Product News

MatrixCare Marketing and MailChimp Integration

Last year, MatrixCare released a one-way integration between MatrixCare Marketing and MailChimp, which allows your leads and referrals to flow automatically into MailChimp and then added to a selected mailing list.  The one-way integration saves time by reducing the duplicate data entry into both systems. However, we received overwhelming client feedback that more work was necessary. In accordance with our commitment to continue to evolve our marketing automation integrations, the 2019 R1 Release introduces a demographic mapping and subscription setup options that will contribute to increasing efficiency.

The demographic mapping allows you to map the MatrixCare Marketing demographics to the MailChimp demographics. Both systems have distinct fields for this information, requiring you to map the fields between the two to ensure that we are sharing the appropriate data between the two systems.

The subscription setup screen provides additional granularity to ensure the lead or referral is added to the correct MailChimp list. The available filters include:

  • MailChimp Interest Groups – Add leads/referrals to appropriate interest groups within a MailChimp List
  • Filters – Limit the sharing of data by filtering by Lead Status, Lead Classification, Sales Counselor, Care Setting, and custom field attributes.
  • Sync Options – Control the sync direction and choose to sync existing data upon initial setup.

Marketing automation platforms are a great way to foster relationships with your prospects, their families, and referring organizations. Integrating these platforms with MatrixCare Marketing increases their value and saves you precious time. Continue to share your requests for product enhancements and let us help you grow your business!

Helpful Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Did You KnowMatrixCare for Senior Living can automatically assign Medication Management fees to residents based on their Evaluation selections. When updating your Evaluation Template, a little setup can go a long way toward preventing missed charges.

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Services News

Technology Tools to Improve Financial Efficiency

Best Practices Webinar SeriesRevenue Cycle Management

Accurate financial reporting is important for a clear picture of the past, but how can you use the information to inform critical decision-making to improve financial success moving forward?

Join this session on Thursday, April 11, 2019, at 1:00 PM CT where MatrixCare Senior Product Manager, Mauricio Hermosillo, will discuss how to effectively use technology to:

  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Analyze financial data to Increase Revenue
  • Budget and forecasting for better decision making

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Industry Events

Senior Living 100 Highlights

Written by Kelly Keefe, Senior Product Manager

I had the opportunity to attend my fourth Senior Living 100 Conference March 10-13, in Laguna Niguel, California. MatrixCare is a major sponsor of this event and it has always been one of my favorite events of the year. I value attending not because of the fun activities or beautiful locations and accommodations (though this point is not to be overlooked), but because Senior Living 100 is a relatively small event that top providers and select vendors/sponsors from across the US and Canada attend to experience an intimate environment that is focused on education and networking. There are no booths, exhibit halls or tables at Senior Living 100. Instead, providers and vendors spend the majority of the time sitting together learning, eating, attending unique activities, and socializing; giving us all a rare opportunity to have in-depth conversations with one another.

As a Product Manager, this setting is perfect for the information gathering that is imperative for me to do my job well; anticipating industry trends, leading innovation, and building a solution that will allow our customers to be successful well into the future. I use multiple outlets to gain insight into industry trends such as holding focus groups and one-on-one conversations with our customers, scheduling regular provider advisory boards, reading industry publications, working trade shows, attending meetings with prospective customers, and more. However, having the opportunity to spend such a great deal of time with providers, both our customers and those who use other solutions, combined with the excellent programming that Senior Living 100 provides, is invaluable.

There were a few themes that stood out to me at this year’s conference:

While we are seeing acuity rise in both Assisted Living and Memory Care, there is also an increased focus on how to provide exceptional and differentiating amenities in those care settings.

Care and concierge are no longer an either/or proposition. Providers are looking to what types of services they can provide that will not only differentiate them from the competitor down the road, but also the competition of “doing nothing.” As more prospective residents see staying in their homes as a viable option, making Senior Living appealing on a different level is increasing in importance.

To provide a better quality of life and less restriction for residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care, some providers are asking families and residents to share more risk.

There is a renewed focus on ensuring that as providers are caring for more acute residents that this doesn’t translate into restriction of movement or activity or reducing the quality of life in the name of keeping residents safe. This means looking closely at all types of restriction, including medications, the use of bed alarms, overuse of “fall risk” categorization, and physical plant (locked units, restricted areas, etc.) among others.

Co-living arrangements are becoming an increasingly appealing option for older adults.

Whether it’s used as a gateway to the Senior Living community, or a flexible community that can eventually be converted to Assisted Living and/or Memory Care, many seniors are banding together to create communities around like-minded individuals’ interests. Senior Living organizations are joining the action to help facilitate co-living arrangements by providing services and outreach to these communities, enhancing the organization’s existing offerings and promoting eventual conversions to the traditional Senior Living community.

Creative solutions to workforce shortages are bountiful!

We heard from one organization who pays a $.25/hr. bonus for each hour that a referred employee works. They pointed out that there is more incentive to ensure the ongoing success of the referral when there is more than an initial referral bonus provided. Another organization discussed how intentionally scheduled overtime was resolving its staffing issues. By reducing non-compensation costs such as health and life insurance, retirement plans, and more, they were able to recoup more than the additional expenses incurred through the planned overtime hours.

These topics simply scraped the surface of the value of attending the conference. I’d highly encourage your organization to attend next year’s conference which will be held March 1-4 in Amelia Island, Florida. In the meantime, I’m always interested in hearing from you! Please be sure to attend our Directions conference and watch for additional opportunities to provide your input on the innovative ways you are solving problems for your business.

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