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MatrixCare® Financial and Operations Management gives you the tools and dynamic intelligence to manage your operations with precision and in real-time

MatrixCare Financial and Operations Management builds real-time budget vs. actual revenue and expense data to drive decision making to maximize operating margins. Modules include dashboards, budgeting, billing & census, accounting, operations, payables, human resources, and move-in/move-out. You will have the ability to:

  • Drive decision making with actionable dashboards that provide an overview of community operations.
  • Access key performance indicators on the go from your mobile device.
  • View real-time census, vacancy and occupancy information including physical and financial occupancy by beds and/or units.
  • Develop budgets with multiple levels using either a top down or bottom up approach.
  • Drill down to see revenues and expenses by month, by general ledger account.
  • Streamline and improve the accuracy of the billing process.
  • Automate the Medicaid billing process.
  • Tailor workflow processes and approvals to reflect your policies and procedures.
  • Manage vendors more effectively and streamline accounts payable processes.
  • Access real-time information on employee time and attendance.
  • Proactively manage staffing and reduce overtime on a daily basis.
  • Assure a pleasant move-in and structure move-out process for residents and families.
  • Actionable information in real-time on community operations to drive decision making.
  • Key performance indicators available on the go via the Mobile KPI App.
  • Real-time census, vacancy and occupancy information including physical and financial occupancy by beds and/or units.
  • Develop budgets with multiple levels using either a top down or bottom up approach.
  • Field and board budgets.
  • Budget revenue by individual resident and/or general community.
  • Budget payroll by department and/or individual.
  • Resident census at any point in time.
  • Real-time physical and financial occupancy by beds and/or units.
  • Real-time vacancy by unit type, unit number, and price.
  • Point in time resident charge card.
  • Multiple bill to's per resident.
  • Email or fax bills, ledger, and/or statements from within the system.
  • Resident short break, status change, and apartment swap with a single click.
  • Resident aging summary on any date.
  • Monthly cycle billing by payer, category, and community.
  • Automate Medicaid billing process.
  • Annual resident rate change manager.
  • Real-time income statement snapshot.
  • Comprehensive revenue reporting and drill-down.
  • Robust and comprehensive audit trails.
  • Customizable accounting workflows and approval processes.
  • General Ledger integration.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Accounts receivable, write-offs, and resident aging summary.
  • Vendor aging.
  • Expense reclassifications, accruals, and reversals.
  • Real-time, customizable actual versus budget comparisons.
  • Spend down summary with vertical views of invoice to indicate GL coding.
  • Employee hours and costs per resident per day, categorized by department.
  • Real-time financial occupancy compared to budget.
  • Multi-community invoice entry and automatic inter-company transfers.
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes.
  • Employee expense and mileage reimbursement.
  • Petty cash management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Check printing.
  • Document management.
  • Invoice audit.
  • Advance payments.
  • Biometric time and attendance system.
  • Real-time employee attendance information.
  • Overtime triggers to proactively manage staffing and reduce overtime.
  • Employee hours and costs per resident hour.
  • Attendance exception reports.
  • Out of period attendance.
  • Employee turnover statistics.
  • Bonus management.
  • Focal review.
  • Training hours tracking.
  • Employee scheduler.
  • Directed, intelligent, sequential process based on your policies and procedures.
  • Generation of resident invoices for partial current month and next month.
  • Planned resident move-in and move-out reflected in census and occupancy reports.
  • Physical and financial move-in and move-out dates determine charges and/or credits.
  • Provisional move-out invoice generation on receipt of move-out notice.
  • Final move-out invoice generation to settle accounts.
  • Ability to transfer credits and generate transfer credit letters.

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