MatrixCare Clinical and Resident Management MatrixCare for Skilled Nursing

MatrixCare® gives you the power to maximize reimbursements, minimize readmissons, deliver superior care, and optimize organizational efficiencies

Integrated Resident Messaging

With MatrixCare resident messaging, automated communication helps ensure all appropriate parties have the information they need. Messages alert staff to updates in resident condition and changes made to the electronic chart. Alerts for census, incidents, physician orders, medication safety alerts, documents/results received, reminder notices and other alerts for vitals, intakes and outputs ensure patient safety and increase efficiency.


MatrixCare MDS tools help you complete assessments efficiently with the most comprehensive, accurate information available. Pre-filled data, electronic signatures, CAA worksheet integration and RUG-IV optimization are just some of the features available to help you with this essential function of long-term care.

Care Plans

Care planning in MatrixCare is highly customizable, making it effective for every organization and care setting. Care Plan libraries provide guidance and user-defined templates are available for customizing care plans. You can share full care plans or selected approaches to flow sheets, eMAR or Point of Care to maximize use and information sharing.

User-Defined Assessments

MatrixCare's 100+ interdisciplinary user-defined assessment templates can help you standardize and customize documentation, bringing consistency and detailed charting across your organization. Documentation is integrated with other areas such as the MDS, vital signs, facility-defined protocols, orders, and progress notes to simplify coordination of care and ensure proper follow-up. This integration brings you increased efficiency via reduced duplicate charting and reduced potential for litigation risks.

Physician and Nursing Orders

With MatrixCare orders, you can reduce time spent on order management. Resident formulary checks help ensure reimbursement, safety alerts help reduce errors and automatic transmission to the pharmacy or lab helps mitigate risk for error. Options for customizing transmission and streamlined workflow further enhance the orders process in MatrixCare.


MatrixCare’s eMAR solution helps improve medication administration efficiencies and staff satisfaction. Integration with orders results in an automated workflow, and the full process completely eliminates paper charting administration. Flexible reporting options provide complete, accurate auditing tools.

Point of Care

Point of Care, the easy-to-use mobile clinical charting piece of MatrixCare, helps hands-on clinical staff document resident care more accurately while promoting timely communication between clinical staff, physicians and other providers. With POC, you get the convenience of portable device documentation along with new data integration and virtual elimination of paper-based records.

Full Integration with Financial Management

Clinical and financial users share one point of data entry for all census and resident demographic information, helping produce consistent and accurate records. Medicare A and Medicaid RUGS information also flows seamlessly to the financial application, ensuring accurate payer billing.

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