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Using MatrixCare® Marketing, you can manage all of your sales leads and maximize your marketing strategies

MatrixCare Marketing can streamline your marketing efforts, pulling inquiries automatically from your website. You can then track the leads through predefined marketing outreach efforts, from the initial inquiry to the final closing. Along the way, you can use the suite of reports to track your costs per lead, your lead sources, and sales performance.

MatrixCare Marketing enables you to track critical marketing data, including:

  • Inquiries/Leads
  • Lead sources
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Priority reservations/deposits
  • Lost leads
  • Occupancy, vacancy, and pending move-outs

Capture Leads and Inquiries from your Website

  • Pull inquiries and leads automatically from your website into MatrixCare Marketing via a web application programming interface (API)

Streamline Marketing Efforts

  • Track every valuable lead, from initial inquiry to final closing
  • For each lead, you can quickly access and maintain contact history, prospect preferences, and scheduled follow-ups
  • Manage leads for multiple facilities or organizations in one central location, so data can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Analyze Marketing Strategies

  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Monitor sales staff performance
  • Manage sales and marketing strategies

Simplify Budgeting and Planning

  • Evaluate lead sources, including cost per lead
  • Analyze conversion ratios for leads converted to residents
  • Forecast changing market trends

Customized Reporting with MatrixCare Analytics

With MatrixCare Analytics, you can create customized, comprehensive reporting for better management and analysis of your marketing process:

  • Analyze leads by care level and by status code, and see how close to move-in each of the leads are in each area of their community (i.e. AL vs. IL, etc.).
  • Compare activities across communities to see how many tours, or other sales appointments, each community had over a given timeframe.
  • View the number of move-ins by community over a given timeframe, and compare these between your communities.
  • Analyze and quantify the success of your marketing efforts by viewing the number of leads per lead source category.

MatrixCare Marketing for iPad

Available on the App Store

Available for download from iTunes, this free app allows you to access your marketing tools when you're on-the-go:

  • Add new leads or referrals
  • Update existing leads or referrals
  • Schedule follow-up activities
  • View apartment availability reports

To get started, simply search for MatrixCare in the iTunes store. Once you've downloaded and installed the MatrixCare Marketing iPad app, you can login to your community's database with your existing MatrixCare Marketing username and password. MatrixCare Marketing for iPad is intuitive and simple to use, with an online Help feature.

Note: Available for iPad 2 or higher with iOS 6.1 or higher. Works on iPads with WiFi and 3G and 4G connections. WiFi is the preferred connection. Not supported for MatrixCare Marketing hosted on private servers.

MatrixCare Marketing Mobile

MatrixCare Marketing is now mobile

MatrixCare is pleased to introduce MatrixCare Marketing for iPad. Now MatrixCare Marketing can be accessed from your iPad with a free app, available for download from iTunes.
Learn more about MatrixCare Marketing Mobile

Available on the App Store MatrixCare Marketing Video

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