Three Workforce Challenges, One Powerful Solution
Challenge 1

Deliver better outcomes, more efficiently.

Industry-Leading Software — MatrixCare’s intuitive, easy-to-learn, purpose-built software helps inform fast, accurate decision-making, so your caregivers can deliver better outcomes in less time.

Implementation was phenomenal.

Point of care happened to be one of the first modules that we decided to implement. …We had every incidental staff member who only came once a month trained within four days. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was phenomenal. … It turned us into an employer of choice.”

Pamela Patterson
Chief Nursing Officer, Cantata Adult Life Services

Challenge 2

Seamlessly share information between systems.

Flexible Solutions — MatrixCare integrates with best-in-class labor management and time/attendance systems to meet your organization’s unique needs.

MatrixCare is incredibly easy.

I can’t tell you how incredibly easy it is for us. The ease of not having more than one system, to have to click in and click out – people hate that, logging back into something versus staying in the same system. Everyone will tell you that having it robust or working within the MatrixCare, you know, family, it’s fabulous, we love it.”

Marjorie Bailey
Chief Financial Officer, Elder Care Alliance

Challenge 3

Continually ensure an effective workforce.

Easy On-Ramp — MatrixCare has programs to assess, train and certify employees—equipping the next generation of caregivers while supporting those already in the field.

MatrixCare helps us attract better staff

MatrixCare helps us attract better staff, helps us partner better with our external health care partners, and MatrixCare helps us take better care of our patients and provide better clinical care. With the MatrixCare team as part of our team, we find a partner who is walking alongside us and will guide us through that process. That, to us, is invaluable.”

Frank Caruso
Senior Director of Post-Acute Services,
Bridgemark Healthcare

One partner is ready to help you tackle the workforce challenges of today…and position you for success tomorrow.