4 Useful ways technology can create staffing gains

December 19, 2022
Categories: Home health, Hospice
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By: Olieda Swanson, Senior Director of Professional Services, MatrixCare

When home health and hospice organizations consider how additional staff could benefit their operations, it’s important to first ask one key question: does our current software have an existing solution for our needs? Before spending dollars on staffing or additional software solutions, contact your support or customer success manager to inquire about new release information or existing features that may not have been relevant previously.

It’s also possible that staff who were involved with your organization at the time of implementation are no longer there, which means new employees could be unaware of the decisions made about features and functionality. Either way, it’s possible your organization has access to solutions that could decrease workloads and increase productivity for staff.

Here are four innovative solutions that can create staffing gains — without having to recruit new hires.

Fax on demand
Many home health and hospice organizations continue to rely on fax to share documents with facilities. With an on-demand fax feature, the need to print out documentation and load it into a literal fax machine is eliminated. Instead, work effort is reduced because faxes can be sent and received electronically.

Physician portal
Similar to the benefits of on-demand faxing, having a physician portal eliminates the need to physically print documents to fax or deliver to these providers. With the click of a button, documents can be securely sent for signatures. And when it returns signed, it automatically attaches to the corresponding patient record — reducing the need for manual, double entry.

Speech-to-text notes
Instead of manually typing detailed notes into documentation, which is often done after hours, nurses and clinicians can use speech recognition technology to voice their notes during or between visits. This approach to narrative notes leads to more detail and higher accuracy due to documenting so close to the visit as well as increased work-life balance due to not having to work during their time off.

Payroll time and attendance
Time tracking is a breeze when the right technology can pull this data from a visit, based on information that the end user is already entering. This data gets pulled into a batching system that can be reviewed and prepared for payroll, via an export file, which is just one more way to eliminate manual, paper systems that create more administrative burden.

Each of these technology features may just gain a few minutes of efficiency, but if you consider those few minutes for every single patient, during every visit, across different agencies — that time can accumulate and really have an impact on your operations and on staff workload.

Schedule a demo with MatrixCare today to learn how our innovative solutions are built to give your organization more efficiency and your staff more work-life balance.

Olieda Swanson
Olieda Swanson

Olieda Swanson is the Director of Professional Services and has served on the MatrixCare Professional Services Team for four years. She has over 10 years experience in home health and hospice software implementations and holds certifications in Professional Project Manager (PMP) and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB). Her journey in home health began over 25 years ago as a home health aide in a hospital-based home health agency, falling in love with the industry and never leaving. She prides herself on leading with a continual improvement focus while encouraging the team to continually improve our services for our customers. Olieda resides in central Ohio with her family.

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