4 Ways CareCommunity can improve agency relationships with clients and families

December 14, 2022
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By: Julie Wolff, Senior Product Manager for Private Duty, MatrixCare

As a new, interactive, role-based care coordination platform, CareCommunity offers a comprehensive, global view of a senior’s personal health record and much more. It works across providers and care settings to get the right information to the right people at the right time, facilitating active care between staff and family members — and increasing communication and collaboration between home care visits.

What began as a family portal now facilitates active care between staff and family While CareCommunity now offers much more, it started as a private duty portal for family members to see a calendar of scheduled visits, who will be coming to the home, and how long they’ll be there. They can easily add personal appointments to the calendar, giving agencies more insight into when to schedule future visits. And it allows patients or families to simply log in to pay invoices online via credit card or ACH — a tool especially helpful for family members living out of state or when payments are being split between two people.

But what began as (and still is) a platform dedicated to keeping families engaged in the care process, is now a complete collaborative solution developed during the pandemic to encourage connectedness and to combat isolation during a challenging time. As clients, their families, and their providers continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, CareCommunity keeps them all engaged and involved in the plan of care. Here are four ways the platform has evolved during the pandemic to benefit agencies by building their relationship with clients and families.

Video chat This feature in CareCommunity can be used between caregivers and the client, family members and the client, and family members and caregivers. It’s common for caregivers to start the video chat in the home, connecting family members to the elderly client and making them feel part of the visit.

Text messaging Similar collaboration can happen with text messages, allowing caregivers to see updates via text from clients or family members before or in between visits. Unlike video chats, text messages can be checked and responded to at a time of the recipient’s choosing.

Broadcast messaging This type of messaging allows agencies to send bulk texts at once to groups or all recipients. Whether it’s to alert clients or family members about holiday office closings, weather-related closings or upcoming special activities, broadcasting messages saves time on phone calls or sending individual messages.

Compatible devices From Fitbits to blood pressure cuffs, clients can connect their compatible device to CareCommunity to keep family members and supervisors up to date on their status — including tracked activity and blood pressure.

While the pandemic isn’t as severe as it was two years ago, agencies still see a hesitancy among family members to put their loved ones in a facility. To keep clients in the home, the right digital solutions are critical to keeping everyone connected along the care journey. The social and emotional aspects of care — the social determinants of health — are equally important as physical care. CareCommunity prioritizes that social component, using innovative collaboration to avoid isolation and loneliness and keep everyone engaged.

Request a demo to see for yourself how MatrixCare’s CareCommunity is helping private duty agencies connect, collaborate and communicate better than ever before. Schedule a demo today.

Julie Wolff
Julie Wolff

Julie Wolff joined MatrixCare in 2006 and has led Product Management for the Home Care Business Unit since 2013, taking on the Senior Product Management position in 2017. Previously, she served as Business Analyst, Implementation Specialist, Training Specialist, Documentation Specialist, and Support Specialist for both the legacy and current-gen products. Prior to her tenure at MatrixCare, Julie spent 17 years working in the Home Care Industry, holding positions with Community Care, Connecticut VNA, and White Oak Systems.

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