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5 Steps to Implementation Success

I get it. Your team can’t stop everything to implement new EHR software.

I know how to help skilled nursing providers get over the finish line without breaking down. Follow these five steps to implementation success:

  1. Identify project leads
  2. Recognize technology skill levels
  3. Celebrate “super users”
  4. Use a fun theme
  5. Collaborate early and often

Find your leads

Remember the game, “follow the leader?” It doesn’t work if everyone leads.

I recommend selecting project leads at the beginning. Think of staff members looking for a new challenge, or those who enjoy technology and teaching others. This can be someone in your business office, within leadership, or any area of your facility.

We’re all at different levels

I hear you. Not everyone is at the same level when it comes to technology.

Many people can find technology scary if it’s not part of their daily work routine. Yet, look at how these same people use technology in their personal routine. For example, do they use social media or pay bills online? If so, they’re ready.

Survey your team. Pair those that are most comfortable with those that may be timid. This helps build stronger work relationships as well as setting the stage for mentoring during the implementation. We’ve also created flexible processes so that users at every skill level can catch on with ease.

Who are your heroes?

Make sure your super experts are brought in early. If you’re implementing a financial solution, make sure the financial experts are at the table and so on. This is critical for the initial implementation and ongoing release updates.

The most successful clients have solid super users to lead, communicate and execute. We recommend a super user in each area (clinical, financial, IT) as needed. We love to hear from our super users!

Make it fun!

Is it possible that EHR implementation can be fun?!

The strongest results are seen when top leadership is involved and encourages celebration. Some of our clients have created fun themes to rally their internal teams. You could choose a popular television show, favorite sport team, or community attraction. Think about how posters, t-shirts, and your internal website could be used to celebrate the process.

Last but not least

All of this only works if both teams are communicating early and often.

Of course, it helps to make sure your partner has implementation experts – people you can trust and rely on. In a survey of our recently implemented clients, nearly 90 percent told us they were satisfied or very satisfied with the experience. One client shared: “I have been doing these for 30 years. They were some of the most organized people I have ever worked with.”

Our implementation delivery is proven. It’s just one of the reasons why we achieved 2017 Best in KLAS for long-term care software.

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Kim Broyer
Kim Broyer

Kim Broyer is the Senior Director of Professional Services for the MatrixCare Skilled Nursing business unit. She has almost 20 years of experience in long-term care and holds a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. She has been in various roles at MatrixCare since January 2003 including Training Consultant, Product Manager/Business Analyst and current role for 6 years leading up Project Management and Training services for our customers. Broyer's team helps to ensure new clients are implementing MatrixCare successfully and existing clients continue to adopt new product features through project management, eLearning, on-going training webinars and #Engage regional user groups.

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