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5 YouTube videos to educate the technology-resistant team

A comment we frequently hear from leaders when they are considering implementing home health software or hospice software is technology resistance.

For teams that have been using paper, moving to laptops or tablets for home health or hospice point-of-care documentation can be daunting. In a previous post, we suggested taking the technology you’d like your home care and hospice employees to learn and making it relatable to their life needs. Today, we’re bringing you five YouTube videos that can help you achieve that goal. Each of these videos simplifies a popular technology to help even the most resistant feel capable.

  1. 50 Things To Do With an iPad. For the employee that thinks their tablet can’t possibly relate to their life, here’s a video to prove them wrong . From reading scripture, to following a recipe tutorial while cooking, this video catalogs the many ways an iPad can be used in everyday life. Though this video is specific to the iPad, many of the applications used can also be found on other tablets.
  2. How to Use Skype. This video was created by CDL Life, an online community designed to address the needs of truck drivers. Though the video is geared toward truck drivers, the sentiment of being away from your family and wishing to communicate might resonate with your employees. It provides a recent and step-by-step guide to installing, setting up, and making calls with Skype. Do your aides help their patients communicate with family via Skype?
  3. How To Borrow Overdrive Library E-Books on Your Nook Tablet. It might surprise your employees to learn they can download library books for free with their tablets. This tutorial deals specifically with the Nook Tablet, but similar tutorials are available for just about any tablet your employees might be using.
  4. How to Download Apps from the iPad App Store. Demonstrating to your employees that “There’s an app for that!” is a great way to help them customize their new technology to their needs. Once they feel comfortable in the App Store (similar videos exist for purchasing apps in Android Marketplace), they can search for their particular interests and discover just how much their tablets can do.
  5. How to Use an Android Tablet for Email Setup. This video does a step-by-step walk through on how to sync your Gmail and other email accounts to your Android tablet. Even if your employee is experienced with email, they might have difficulty transferring those skills to different technologies. Using videos to demonstrate even the most basic of tasks can help your technology resistant employees feel more comfortable.

These videos are only five among hundreds of “how-to” videos available on YouTube and other resources. Showing your employees how technology can be useful in their lives beyond work can be a useful motivational tool. How does technology enrich your daily life? What are some ways you use your tablet or smart phone?

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