CareCommunity for home care: 5 reasons to get excited

March 6, 2019
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CareCommunity is a new, interactive, role-based care coordination platform that offers a comprehensive, global view of a senior’s personal health record and much more. It overcomes many of the hurdles of long-term care coordination by working across providers and care settings to get the right information to the right people at the right time. This is particularly important for home care agencies because it facilitates active care between staff and family members—and increases communication and collaboration—even between home care visits.

Roberta Mage FinalCareCommunity for Home Care: Making it Easier to Engage Family Members

Home care agencies can use CareCommunity to connect clients, family members, and other care team members in real time from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Here are five other answers to some of your biggest questions:

  1. Q: Can Family Members Use CareCommunity as a Real-Time Care Portal?

A: Absolutely. CareCommunity for Home Care offers convenient access to seniors and their caregivers. Seniors or their family members can easily view scheduled visits, review care visit summaries and connect with agency staff. That means everyone from family members to physicians can work together to make better, more informed decisions.

  1. Q: Can Family Members Use CareCommunity to Pay Their Home Care Invoices?

A: Yes! CareCommunity makes it easy for customers or their family members to pay their home care bills quickly and securely from any device. It offers immediate visibility into account balances and eliminates the need for paper billing processes.

  1. Q: Does CareCommunity Offer Telehealth Functionality?

A: Yes! CareCommunity for Home Care incorporates data from telehealth devices like wireless scales and glucometers into the health record for better health monitoring between visits. Biometric data is continuously collected and imported so individuals and their families can track trends and take action as needed.

  1. Q: Does CareCommunity Work with a Fitbit?

A: You bet. CareCommunity has the ability to collect vital signs in real-time from a variety of common wearable devices like the Fitbit, Apple Watch, and more.

  1. Q: Is CareCommunity Easy to Use?

A: With so many features, you might wonder what it’s like to actually use CareCommunity. During our home care pilot, family members and caregivers alike remarked that CareCommunity enhanced collaboration and increased transparency, so everyone felt better informed. CareCommunity clients and their families also found the portal very easy to use and were pleased with how quickly they could navigate the application and find the information they were looking for. With an interface that has been built with the end-user in mind, CareCommunity is meant to provide instant access and insight to those who need it, when they need it.

More Reasons to Consider CareCommunity for Your Home Care Agency

  • Privacy & Security: Data security was of paramount importance when developing CareCommunity. We’ve made strict provisions to help safeguard user data and privacy.
  • Pharmacist Portal Coming Soon: A dedicated pharmacist portal is currently in testing, but seniors can still invite their pharmacists to access their personal health portal– just as they would invite any other user.
  • Two-Way Communication with Caregivers: Your clients and their family members can use CareCommunity to send messages back and forth to each other, and even to the care manager at your home care agency.
  • Builds Trust: For many of your clients, family may not be nearby. With CareCommunity, you’ll be able to keep family members in the loop– no matter how many miles separate them from their loved ones.

Learn More about CareCommunity for Home Care Agencies

If you weren’t excited about CareCommunity for your home care agency before, we certainly hope you are now!

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Julie Wolff
Julie Wolff

Julie Wolff joined MatrixCare in 2006 and has led Product Management for the Home Care Business Unit since 2013, taking on the Senior Product Management position in 2017. Previously, she served as Business Analyst, Implementation Specialist, Training Specialist, Documentation Specialist, and Support Specialist for both the legacy and current-gen products. Prior to her tenure at MatrixCare, Julie spent 17 years working in the Home Care Industry, holding positions with Community Care, Connecticut VNA, and White Oak Systems.

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