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How to Find the Right Home Care Software

With increased demand for home care and home health companies comes increased choice for consumers. Home care agencies that want to remain relevant in this rapidly changing industry need to innovate – not only in response to new competition – but also to new regulatory challenges. This is where choosing the right home care software for your company becomes mission-critical to your continued growth and success.

Home Care Software Benefits

As you compare your options, it’s easy to get carried away with the specific features of one platform over another. While features are certainly important, we recommend that you focus first on the benefits that will have the greatest impact on your agency, both today, as well as three years down the road.

Improves Client Acquisition & Revenue

Home care software, like MatrixCare’s Home Care Solutions, can help you convert more leads to clients and identify your most effective referral sources and marketing efforts.

Reduces Costs

MatrixCare’s Home Care Solution is configurable, and its easy-to-use scripting tools can capture clients as a percentage of revenue. When selecting a solution make sure that it offers pricing options that lower the total cost of ownership as you grow, opposed to escalating.

Supports Growth

Look for a solution that can keep up with you as your company explores new opportunities in the constantly changing home care industry. MatrixCare Home Care Solutions empower home care agencies across the country and are found in more than 1,500 offices. Because we understand where the industry has been, and we have a diverse client base serving Private Duty, Medicaid and Medicare, we are uniquely positioned to anticipate where it is going.

Enhances Caregiver Recruiting & Retention

Attracting qualified caregivers and reducing turnover continue to be two of the biggest challenges for many home care companies. The best home care software can actually improve your recruiting and retention efforts by making it easy for caregivers to record attendance, track tasks and access visit notes or assessments.

Promotes Efficiency

A home care software solution gives your team more time to focus on what really matters, like nurturing leads, growing your business and delivering exceptional care. The MatrixCare Home Care Solution streamlines recurring tasks – from scheduling and payroll to billing, A/R and so much more.

Offers Reliable Support

Make sure to ask the vendors you consider about their customer service and support policies. As with any new system, getting your team trained and comfortable with the software is the key to unlocking its full potential. At MatrixCare, our customers have access to online help, videos, detailed documentation and a dedicated customer service team that has a 98% approval rating from. Additionally, we offer free weekly webinars and monthly classroom-style training.

What Home Care Software Features Do You Really Need?

If you want to make sure you’re getting a solution that delivers the benefits we explored above, then you’ll want to make sure it comes equipped with all of the features you need – not just for today, but for the future. Key features and functionality to consider include:

  • Client and Caregiver Management
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile Schedules and Task Capture
  • Point of Care for Assessments and Visit Notes
  • Integrated Telephony
  • Payroll & Reimbursement
  • Billing & A/R
  • Sales & Marketing

Remember, the right home care software is more than a collection of features. If the product you’re considering doesn’t align with your goals for growth or the direction of your business, you may want to keep looking.

Robust Home Care Software You Won’t Outgrow

Our comprehensive home care software provides an innovative solution that supports all regulatory changes and positions your company for continued success. Fully HIPAA compliant, scalable and easy-to-use, our solution is backed by a knowledgeable team of industry experts you can trust to help grow your business.

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Navin Gupta
Navin Gupta

Navin joined MatrixCare in 2016 as senior director, software engineering and moved to his current role, Senior Vice President, Home & Hospice Division, in September 2018. He brings strong leadership skills and an interdisciplinary background of business and technology. With more than 20 years’ experience in different domains (healthcare, security and telecommunication), he has participated in leading existing and new product introductions on various platforms. Before joining MatrixCare, Navin held technical and management positions with Philips Healthcare, United Technologies and Siemens at various locations in India, Germany and USA. He holds an MBA from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, a masters in MIS from Florida State University, and a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University.

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