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9 Things You Missed at MatrixCare Directions 2016

Note: This blog was originally published in November 2016. We have since updated this post to include information on Directions 2017. If you are interested in attending Directions 2017, please visit our annual user conference page for more information.

If you attended MatrixCare Directions 2016, our annual user conference, you already know about our amazing programming lineup featuring industry thought leaders, innovative vendors and hands-on labs to help you get the most out of our solutions. But, those of you who were unable to attend might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, wonder no more!

We’ve compiled a list of nine of the biggest and best reasons to attend the MatrixCare Directions annual user conference. From an intimate executive-track dinner specifically for the C-suite and an inspiring keynote address to an enchanting romp through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, MatrixCare Directions is the biggest event of the year for long-term care and senior living professionals for a very good reason… actually, nine reasons to be exact!

1. MatrixCare Executive Forum: Our exclusive, invitation-only executive forum is a valuable opportunity for you and other C-level professionals to explore the future of MatrixCare, offer feedback on our direction and participate in a lively discussion with your peers about what’s next for long-term care and senior living.

2. Upcoming Technology: Our full-spectrum solution for effectively managing outcomes across the continuum of care is constantly expanding to include groundbreaking new features to help your community thrive in the fee-for-value era. Apple watch integration, voice commands, real-time updates… MatrixCare is harnessing the latest technology to streamline workflows for long-term care providers. Our annual user conference is your front-row seat to the future.

3. Continuing Education Units (CEUs): MatrixCare Directions 2016 attendees took advantage of professional development and continuing education opportunities to advance their careers and become more marketable to employers in the senior living and long-term care industry.

4. Networking & Socializing with Peers: Our annual user conference is not just about MatrixCare! Attendees made new, mutually beneficial connections with other professionals and strengthened existing relationships with colleagues across the long-term care continuum.

5. Interactive MatrixCare Tradeshow App: Chances are, Directions isn’t your first rodeo. If you’ve been to a large conference or industry tradeshow in the past, then you probably know how difficult it can be to see and do all of the things that are relevant to your interests. Our free MatrixCare Directions 2016 app was designed to help attendees get the most value possible out of our conference. Offering a live activity feed, agenda, map and many other interactive features, attendees never need to worry about missing the breakout session, lab or networking opportunity they have their eyes on.

Hands On With MatrixCare EHR and CRM solutions for LTPAC Providers

6. Tips & Tricks for Using MatrixCare Solutions: As a full-spectrum, integrated solution for improving performance, increasing resident satisfaction and driving better clinical outcomes, long-term care providers are using our technology in exciting ways. For example, did you know the MatrixCare Marketing module integrates with MailChimp? If not, you aren’t alone. At Directions 2016, attendees worked together with our experts to learn how to get more out of our solutions.

7. Customizable Conference Experience: The long-term care and senior living industry is a huge ecosystem. What’s interesting to professionals in the home care space may not be as compelling to RNs in a life plan community or skilled nursing facility. That’s why we give all attendees the power to create a custom conference experience based on what matters to them. Financial, clinical, marketing, information technology – MatrixCare Directions offers great content for all disciplines and types of long-term care providers.

8. Sneak Peeks of Future Updates: At MatrixCare, we’re dedicated to improving our full-spectrum solutions by adding new features and enhancing existing functionality for all care settings and business models. Our annual user conference gives you a chance to preview these updates – before they roll out to customers.

9. Cheeseburgers, Margaritas & Harry Potter: All work and no play makes for a dull annual user conference! Attendees looking to blow off a little steam were invited to explore a few of Orlando’s finest attractions including Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Don’t Miss Out on MatrixCare Directions 2017!

No matter how you look at it, MatrixCare Directions really is a must-attend event for all senior living and long-term care professionals leveraging MatrixCare technology. Not only do our attendees have a great time, they come away with practical tips for improving outcomes and efficiencies that are critical to success in a fee-for-value reimbursement model.

Believe it or not, we’re already hard at work planning our next user conference. Register for Directions 2017 in New Orleans at: https://www.matrixcare.com/directions/

In the meantime, if you have any questions about MatrixCare’s solutions, please contact us.

Kevin Whitehurst
Kevin Whitehurst

Kevin Keith Whitehurst, Senior Vice President, Skilled Nursing Solutions, has been a key player in LTPAC technology since 1990. Whitehurst has held many leadership positions including IT Director for one of the first developers of MDS software systems to, most recently, SVP, Client Services for MatrixCare. In his current role, he is responsible for the success of the Skilled Nursing Solutions Group and oversees Product Management, Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, and Client Support for that group. A 26 year veteran, Whitehurst has dedicated his career to improving Skilled Nursing Providers experience with technology. Whitehurst holds degrees from San Bernardino Valley College and the Los Angeles School of Business and also served in the U.S Air Force.

Directions 2016 - An Annual User Conference for Long-Term Post-Acute Care Providers

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