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Is EHR Technology Helping Your Risk Management?

Are you using electronic health record (EHR) technology to help your risk management?

Risk management is a priority for skilled nursing providers. It’s always been a priority. Higher expectations of quality care, increased visibility and more regulations have risen. With it, the risk for litigation.

Even nursing homes with the highest quality need risk management. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, most nursing homes have some deficiencies. They cite an average of 6-7 deficiencies per survey. Read on to learn how EHR technology can help minimize risk.

Automate and Standardize

Is your workflow automated?

An automated workflow can be essential. It minimizes the risk of disputes over care. Should an incident occur, it also helps avoid any discrepancies around underlying causes.

Define and Align

Do you remember days of using paper? How many more errors were occurring? It’s not enough to just define the right processes. You need to seamlessly automate them with technology.

First, define the processes. Then, make sure your staff knows them. Finally, use your EHR to align with these processes.

Access and Analyze

Now, look at your data. Make sure that you have an easy way to get the data and interpret it.

Monitor for compliance issues in real-time or on a scheduled basis. It’s important that you can identify the data that is most crucial. For example, a frequent data point may be alerts for drug-to-drug interactions and immunization reminders.

Partner and Document

Most EHR vendors have internal resources available to you. They can help! Use them for training and education, collaboration and support.

With our clients, we hold in-person workshops to walk through accountable processes. Anytime you receive education and training from your EHR vendor, document it. Compliance training documentation is key to helping overcome litigation hurdles.

Read our full article, “How Accountable Clinical Processes Aligned with EHR Workflow Can Minimize Litigation Risks” to learn more.

Kevin Whitehurst
Kevin Whitehurst

Kevin Keith Whitehurst, Senior Vice President, Skilled Nursing Solutions, has been a key player in LTPAC technology since 1990. Whitehurst has held many leadership positions including IT Director for one of the first developers of MDS software systems to, most recently, SVP, Client Services for MatrixCare. In his current role, he is responsible for the success of the Skilled Nursing Solutions Group and oversees Product Management, Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, and Client Support for that group. A 26 year veteran, Whitehurst has dedicated his career to improving Skilled Nursing Providers experience with technology. Whitehurst holds degrees from San Bernardino Valley College and the Los Angeles School of Business and also served in the U.S Air Force.

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