ePrescribe technology to support hospice care

July 22, 2020
Categories: Hospice
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In the latest episode of our podcast, Jared Stong, CEO of BetterRx, joins Navin Gupta, Senior Vice President of our Home and Hospice Division, to discuss ePrescribe technology and its impact on hospice care. Here’s an inside look at what they discussed:

What makes hospice care unique?

Hospice care is a unique care setting because it goes beyond just medical care. Pain management, emotional/spiritual support and the combination of patients and families are important and unique facets of hospice care. The focus is on caring and a good end-of-life experience. People you would expect like nurses, physicians, and aides are involved, but also special counselors, social workers, etc. play a large role in hospice care.

What are today’s challenges for medication management in hospice care?

One challenge is making sure that organizations have people who are specifically trained in hospice care. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of hospice nurses and healthcare providers so organizations often need to provide extra training to get their staff up to speed.

Prior to using BetterRx’s technology, another challenge for hospice care providers was medication management. Nurses and physicians would often try multiple medications to alleviate their patient’s pain or discomfort without having the full picture of possible symptoms. BetterRx helps consolidate the number of medications needed.

What is the goal of BetterRx?

The goal is to eliminate all phone calls so that when the pharmacy receives the prescription, it’s 100% ready to go. The pharmacy won’t receive any billing rejections and doesn’t need to handle non-formulary issues. They can just bill it, fill it, and send it to the patient.

How does BetterRx help hospice organizations cut down on pharmacy costs while not compromising on patient care?

BetterRx has implemented a transparent billing model that allows hospice organizations to understand pricing earlier, intercept orders, and set cost parameters that help them stay within budget. BetterRx understands that they’re only successful when the hospice organization they’re working with is successful.

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