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Future-Proof Your Home Care Agency

Like the rest of the long-term care industry, home care is changing. So, when you evaluate your options for home care software solutions, it’s important to think about the future. The software functionality your home care agency needs today might not account for the features you’ll need to accommodate constantly evolving regulatory requirements.

Douglas Gardens Home Care, like many home care companies, recognized it was time to upgrade their manual, paper-based process to a more modern software-driven solution. After the initial learning curve, their new home care software seemed to be performing as expected, and the future was looking bright.

That’s when Douglas Gardens received unexpected news. Their vendor informed them that it would no longer be able to offer the vital support necessary to adapt to new industry regulations. This is where MatrixCare entered the story.

More than Just Home Care Software, a True Partnership

For our home care clients, the biggest advantage of partnering with MatrixCare is the relationship itself. Since 1999, the Home Care Solutions group at MatrixCare has partnered with over 1,500 home care agencies across the country. Thanks to our diverse client base and our long history within the industry, we can anticipate the support our customers will need far in advance.

When we helped Douglas Gardens transition to our platform, we had to accommodate for the elimination of the companionship exemption, its subsequent reinstatement and, finally, its ultimate elimination – all this transpiring during software implementation and training. At MatrixCare, customer service is central to everything we do. Our responsive support team made sure Douglas Gardens stayed on task and hit their go-live date.

We know good customer service isn’t exclusive to MatrixCare. But, it isn’t a given either. Before your home care company commits to a vendor, make sure you place as much importance on service and support as you do on features and benefits.

The Benefits of MatrixCare’s Home Care Software

From improved reporting features and time savings to enhanced productivity, Douglas Gardens discovered a variety of benefits when switching to our software solution:

Time Savings

Previously, Douglas Gardens’ system took over a week to process all visit verifications. MatrixCare’s home care software solution cut the time for this critical step by 60 percent. We also reduced the time to process payroll by eight hours per week, which resulted in a savings of $640 each month.

Accurate Reporting

Streamlined reporting is essential for easy, accurate reconciliation. Our robust reporting functionality for daily activity tracking made it easier for the back office to monitor trends, produce information regarding caregiver work refusals and send communications to caregivers, physicians and clients.

Customer Support

We understand that any transition in the way you do business is a major shift, which is why we place high importance on support and a responsive team. For Douglas Gardens, our ongoing support helped facilitate the launch of two new offices. At MatrixCare, we pride ourselves on being there for our clients’ needs, ready to provide assistance throughout the changing landscape of home care regulatory requirements.

Home Care Software Solutions from MatrixCare

From simplifying back office tasks to allowing caregivers more time to focus on clients, our comprehensive home care software solution provides robust functionality your company won’t outgrow. To learn more about the benefits MatrixCare’s home care software provided to Douglas Gardens Home Care, read the full case study here. Or, if you’re ready to see how our solutions can drive ROI at your home care company, contact us today!

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