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Getting the Most Out of Your CRM Reports

There’s no denying that one of the key benefits of a CRM software solution is the ability to create detailed reports for your senior living community. All that data, available right at your fingertips, allows you to run a more efficient community and make the best possible decisions to improve your current processes, build relationships and effectively turn leads into residents.

The Benefits of Detailed CRM Reporting

Running monthly, weekly, or even daily CRM reports allows you to analyze what’s working within your community and what areas may need more attention. While the ultimate goal is to increase residency, creating additional efficiencies can keep your staff and your current residents as satisfied as possible. A CRM stores marketing, sales, resident and other data. Using the reporting capabilities that go hand-in-hand with your solution, you can:

Track employee activities. The activity/task tracking feature in CRMs like our Marketing Essentials solution allows you to monitor and track your sales team’s daily, weekly and monthly activities. This not only provides a big-picture view of each employee’s workload, but it also offers valuable insight into the specific activities that may be closing the most sales – whether it’s calls, emails, in-person tours, or another activity. Your CRM can also help you see which tasks are getting completed (or not completed) as they are due, letting you know which employees may have too much or too little on their plates.

Manage your leads. A CRM with detailed reporting capabilities does more than capture leads from your website. It also visually shows you where your leads are within the sales cycle and which prospects are still pending so that no opportunities slip through the cracks. Plus, detailed CRM reporting allows you to drill down within lead data by specific criteria, such as cost per lead, cost per deposit and cost per move-in.

MC report

Monitor trends. When you have detailed information about exactly where your leads are coming from, whether it’s your website, email campaigns, or even offline marketing, you’ll be able to make modifications as needed to ensure you’re bringing in not only a high quantity of leads, but also the most qualified leads.

Properly allocate budgets. When you know what’s in the sales pipeline and you’ve analyzed what channels and marketing campaigns are the most effective, your budget can be allocated where it is needed most. Plus, by using historical data from reports you create (such as cost per lead, cost per move-in, etc.), you can even project future revenues to set actionable goals for your sales team.

Affordable, Streamlined Senior Living Marketing from MatrixCare

The CRM reporting dashboards included within the MatrixCare Essentials solution display all of your planned marketing activities and other key performance indicators in an easy-to-understand format including charts and raw data. Best of all, you can choose how to sort and organize your own reports – by activities, leads, occupancy and more.

Start streamlining your marketing strategies in less than 30 days with our affordable senior living CRM software solution! Learn more about our package for new clients by viewing our senior living CRM demo today.

Amy Freeman
Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman has over 15 years of experience in the senior living software solutions arena. Amy’s experience includes client services, ETL development, project implementation and product management. Freeman earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing a Masters of Medical and Healthcare Technologies from the University of Denver.


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