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What Being a Great Caregiver Means

Caregivers are all around us. But, that doesn’t mean that they are all great. When it comes down to what separates the bad caregivers from a great caregiver there are some marked traits and work habits that stand out.

Here are some of the traits that make a great caregiver:

  • Empathy and compassion.

It is essential that a great caregiver feel the desire to want to help. By showing both empathy and compassion, a caregiver will let the person know that they care about them. For instance, they will try and do what they can to help – not because they have to, but because they want to.

  • Patience.

When you work with someone who needs home care it is important that you are patient and understanding. So, it helps to sometimes put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Try and see what it might be like to ask people for help.

  • Reliable.

A great caregiver is someone that can be counted on to be there. For example, if they say they will be there, then they show up. Those needing home care services need a reliable and dependable caregiver.

  • Trustworthy.

Most people who need home care services are in a vulnerable position. Because they are inviting someone into their home to be near their valuables. A great caregiver is someone who is trustworthy in this regard. And, being able to trust them to keep the client’s information confidential is critical.

  • Flexible.

As with most things in life, needs may change and unexpected events can happen. So, it’s important that a good caregiver can go with the flow. Being flexible is important to providing good care.

Good home caregivers are those who naturally have an urge to help others. Often times they are people who have always placed a priority on helping other people. They want to make the world a better place. Becoming a good home caregiver isn’t something that will necessarily happen immediately, but if the basic qualities are there, they can develop their skills to become great!

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Linda Donev
Linda Donev

Linda Donev started her career in home care with Kelly Assisted Living Services in 1985. She transformed an under-performing location in South Florida into one of the most profitable in the country. Linda served as Regional Manager at Kelly Assisted Living Services and was responsible for 22 offices. In 1988, she started FirstChoice Health Care Services and with her partners grew that business to $12 million in annual revenues before its sale in 1994. Over the next few years, she consulted for start-up and growing home care businesses. Linda joined Stratis Business Systems in 1999 which designed, marketed, and supported home care software solutions. Linda became Vice President of Home Care Solutions when Stratis joined the MatrixCare family in 2015. Linda earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Florida Atlantic University.

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