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Growth in the Home Care Industry

Many people are aware that the home care industry is booming. One area to look that helps to support this notion is the number of jobs that are being created in the home care field. When you look at the number of jobs that exist and how many are expected to be created, it is clear that there is a lot of growth taking place within the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1.3 million additional jobs within the homecare field will be added through 2020. In fact, they report that those working in home health positions will see a 69% growth through 2020, while those in personal care aide positions will see a 70% growth. Compared to the 14% growth rate that all jobs on average are expected to have, the home care industry is expected to see a substantial increase in the coming years.

There are many reasons why the home care industry is seeing such accelerating growth, including:

  • Increase in need.

Millions of people are reaching an age where they will need some sort of homecare, increasing the expanse of the industry. With so many people in need, the industry will respond by growing to accommodate the demand.

  • Affordability.

Many people are realizing that home care is a much more affordable route to providing people with the assistance they need. This is especially true when compared with such things as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

  • Aging in place.

People are beginning to understand the importance of helping the elderly stay in their own homes. This helps them maintain some independence, be happier, and be able to stay in their familiar surroundings. Home care is the option that allows them to do this.

  • Convenience.

Rather than taking the elderly or sick out of the home for appointments, the homecare industry can bring many of those to the person. This provides a convenient route to getting people the assistance they need.


Those interested in working in the homecare field can take comfort in knowing that the industry is seeing a lot of growth, so jobs will be plentiful. Home care agencies will also grow as they will be able to hire additional people to meet the growing demand for care. Those needing home care will also find that there are enough home care agencies to meet their needs. The growth in the home care industry is an all-around win-win-win situation!


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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job growth in the home care industry

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