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How to spring clean your organization

Spring cleaning is something we’ve all probably done in our homes, but what about in our professional lives? There are many things an organization can do to help tidy up the office, gain efficiencies, and influence future business growth. See below for 6 tips:

1. Review your business goals – Chances are you already have goals in place for the year. Now is a good time to revisit them and analyze what tactics are working, what isn’t, and what you can do over the coming months to ensure success. Keep in mind that if a goal is no longer relevant and requires editing, it’s ok!

2. Tighten up the budget – Not everyone enjoys budgeting, but it’s a very important task. Review your annual budget to assess how you’re tracking. It’s better to catch gaps or holes now, so they may be addressed now versus scrambling at the end of the year.

3. Organize your space – Take a look at your physical and digital workspaces. Clear out clutter, and think about encouraging others in the office to do the same. Office staff may find that paper has piled up over the past few months, and clinicians’ vehicles may need a clean out from all the hours they spend driving around to patients’ homes. When it comes to your digital workspace, figure out the best way to organize files so they’re easily retrievable.

4. Welcome computer and software upgrades – Is the hardware in your office appropriate for the person or group of people using it? Clinicians, for example, may benefit from using mobile technology at the point of care versus other technology. Evaluate the software your organization is using for scheduling and billing, and beyond. Taking a look at other options, like cloud-based systems, is a good idea to ensure great patient care and satisfied employees.

5. Refresh your online presence – Often times there are so many things going on that your online presence is neglected. Take the time to refresh, whether that’s on your website, or social media, or both. If you’ve added new services, experienced a change in management, or moved office locations, those are all important things to update online. Doing so ensures your organization is best represented online.

6. Clean out the inbox – Too many emails in your inbox can make you feel unorganized and overwhelmed. Filing all your messages and deleting information you no longer need helps you stay focused and more accomplished.

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