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How to Succeed in Bundled Payments

Let’s start with the basics. “Bundling” the payment for one person’s episode of care should improve care coordination. It should not be confusing and cumbersome. Without technology to help skilled nursing providers, it can be.

Where to begin? Start with data. Capturing and exchanging data electronically is essential. It saves valuable time, minimizes human error, and can alert you to data outliers. Use technology and the device of your choice, and then act on it.

Automate your data

Coordination and communication across your team is now more important than ever. Build in automated devices and interoperability to your technology stack wherever you can. This can help you capture relevant data about resident bundles and present it to the right users, at the right time, and in the right way.

For example, technology can proactively alert your care team to residents at risk of readmission. It can proactively flag residents who are participating in a bundle and indicate what type of bundle. Communication is automated for both the care team and billing team. They can then quickly identify that the resident is operating under a bundled payment scenario.

In addition, automated alerts around a resident’s change in condition based on real-time data is critical. Use technology to identify these key data points and present them to staff throughout your organization.

Make your data work for you

Another strategy with data involves exchanging and seamlessly using data across multiple systems. This is so essential that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services asked health information technology providers and health systems to implement core concepts around interoperability in their products.

MatrixCare was the first long-term post-acute care technology provider to sign this pledge.

Interoperability can improve workflows, deliver information more quickly to where it’s needed, decrease costs with system integration, provide better access to resident records, and increase employee productivity. All of this leads to improved patient safety and overall quality of care.

Especially significant is the ability to allow care providers to better manage around transitions of care and care coordination. Use technology and interoperability to make accurate and timely health information available to residents, families, and care team members.

Do your research

Peel back the onion a few layers. Does your technology solution offer interoperability using industry standard protocols and data formats? Whether the goal is HL7, NCPDP, or a CCD, look for systems that talk via APIs. These offer better flexibility and portability across different systems – and ultimately allow integration with more external systems.

Technology can help standardize your care delivery and workflow, enabling you to clearly identify your distinctive competences and market them externally to hospital providers. Download our white paper, Strategies to Succeed with Technology in Bundled Payment Programs, to read more.

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Amy Ostrem
Amy Ostrem

Amy Ostrem, VP Skilled Nursing Solution Strategy, has been working with our products and service teams for more than 2 decades. She originally was a client before joining the company as a Client Education Consultant and has served in various departments and roles through her tenure. In her current role, she divides her time between client communications, client service teams, sales enablement, and product development teams. Ostrem oversees the Product Strategy, Value Proposition, Commercialization, Product Managers, and Business Analysts. She participates in industry events, client engagement sessions, focus groups, our annual Directions event, and presents regularly at provider advisory boards. Ostrem holds a bachelors degree from Concordia College in Healthcare Financial Management.

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