Inspire recap: Exploring challenges and opportunities across the industry

September 27, 2022
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We recently hosted Inspire, our user conference where we brought together customers across home health, hospice, private duty, skilled nursing, life plan community, and senior living to discuss industry trends, innovation, and all the exciting things to come with MatrixCare’s software.

With more than 70 breakout sessions, 80 sponsor attendees at our Partner Pavilion, numerous one-on-one appointments with product experts at The Zone, five main stage addresses, and a lively customer appreciation event at Austin City Limits Live, our attendees had ample time to learn, network, and enjoy Austin.

Throughout the conference, it was clear that post-acute providers face many of the same challenges, despite their care setting. And since the pandemic, those challenges have been even further exacerbated. But we believe challenge brings opportunity. Every day at MatrixCare, we work to understand the challenges our customers face and leverage the best of technology to help eliminate them—to make our customers’ jobs easier, more efficient, and more rewarding.

Challenges breed opportunities

Challenge: Limited staffing Opportunity: Increase staff productivity + retention

Staffing shortages are impacting the entire post-acute care industry. Employee turnover is constant, which means training new staff is also a constant. That’s why it’s so important to leverage technology that is easy to use with intuitive workflows that reduce clicks. For example, our new Life Plan Community Nurse Admission Assessment takes upwards of 20+ different workflow processes and consolidates them to a single screen.

This makes it easy for staff to use the software on day one and ultimately spend more time with their patients or residents. It also improves the quality of life for staff so they can be more efficient with their work and have more time to spend with families and loved ones.

Challenge: Overwhelmed teams Opportunity: Preventive care

With record labor shortages and increased workloads, it’s no surprise that caregivers struggle to find time to sift through charts and data tables to identify at-risk patients, prioritize care and assign resources. Leveraging the right technology can enable your care teams with proactive insights about fall risk or changes in acuity. MatrixCare’s Clinical Advanced Insights can prioritize at-risk patients and help more effectively allocate staff.

The right proactive tools can offer relief to your already overwhelmed team—allowing them to deliver proactive, compassionate care while managing your costs and risks.

Challenge: Razor-thin margins Opportunity: Maximize your revenue

We understand it’s difficult to stay ahead of the reimbursement challenges you face daily. Census and cost management are two key areas for managing razor-thin margins. Quickly accepting referrals is critical to building census while efficiently and accurately admitting those patients will help manage costs. If you’re relying on patients or hospital discharge staff to hand-deliver referrals, your organization is likely missing out.

A recent Porter research report identified that 70% of referring physicians prefer post-acute-care providers to accept electronic referrals. 78% of those providers also said that they would refer more often to skilled nursing facilities with advanced interoperability and seamless data exchange with the referring physician.

Today’s reality is that when a patient is transferred from a referring hospital, onboarding that individual into a skilled nursing facility can take up to four hours and is typically a manual data-entry admission and medication reconciliation process. Tools like MatrixCare Connect can help automate admissions, decreasing data entry.

In addition to efficient admission, MatrixCare Connect also helps cultivate relationships with referring hospitals. Currently, the referring physician has no ability to follow that patient’s care post-discharge outside of calling or visiting the facility. With MatrixCare Connect, hospital partners have a simple way to monitor patient status after discharge, helping to reduce readmissions and strengthen referral relationships. As hospitals narrow their referring networks, facilities are investing to become a better referring partner, increasing referrals and decreasing the request for information labor costs. MatrixCare Connect is a critical link in allowing bi-directional information sharing.

Challenge: Complexity of care Opportunity: Better care team collaboration

Care teams need a quick and easy way to communicate with each other, patients or residents, caregivers, and physicians. While patient visits and EHR documentation can be done during specific times, discussions with stakeholders are ongoing. Without a tool to keep people connected, team coordination becomes difficult and patient/resident care can suffer. Another issue is the volume of documents that patients/residents need to sign.

Patient and care team collaboration tools like MatrixCare Link for our hospice and home health customers increase efficiency and support a more satisfying care experience for all stakeholders. MatrixCare Link solves the problem of communication between physicians, caregivers, and patients through secure messaging, providing a simple and secure way for stakeholders to discuss plans of care and address patient concerns in real-time to help reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.

Interoperability is also key to better collaboration. Through partnerships with CommonWell, SureScripts, and Carequality, interoperability fosters an open ecosystem, creating easier access to patients/residents and family members so that transitions of care become more seamless and automated.

Inspire truly lived up to its name

Spending time with our customers across the post-acute spectrum made us even more aware of the challenges faced, the demanding work, and the fact that so many rely on these providers each and every day. Connecting in person also brought in new energy, determination, and inspiration to solve these challenges. Inspire truly lived up to its name and left us all with so much passion and focus on our road ahead.

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Trish Nettleship
Trish Nettleship

Trish is the Chief Marketing Officer across our SaaS portfolio, where she is responsible for marketing strategies and plans across our offerings, and driving demand generation and market development for our current portfolio of cloud-based post-acute care solutions. Trish has over 25 years of marketing experience with a strong track record in digital transformation, enabling the social enterprise, and developing high-level integrated multi-channel strategy across all aspects of marketing. She brings an innovative focus to product marketing, communications, channel management and business development that she has honed within her various industries, including: reseller, high tech, communications, telecommunications and pharmaceutical. She previously held various marketing positions at UCB, Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company, and AT&T. Trish earned her MBA in International Business and a BA in Marketing both from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. She actively serves as an expert panel member, presenter and moderator on marketing and strategy topics.

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