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New Year’s Resolutions that Improve Residents’ Quality of Life at Your CCRC

For hundreds of years, welcoming a new year has represented the tradition of resolving to better ourselves in one way or another. Some of the most popular resolutions made by people across the country include things like exercising more often, saving money, getting organized, reducing stress levels, and so on.

When it comes to life in a continuing care retirement community, keeping residents content and satisfied throughout the journey of aging is vital to their overall quality of life. These seniors expect to enjoy a variety of amenities while they are still independent and active, with the peace of mind that should their health decline, the level of services provided will increase.

So, what are some New Year’s resolutions the staff at your CCRC can make that will guarantee your residents’ continued happiness?

How to Keep Residents throughout Your CCRC Happy All Year Long

With the arrival of 2017, here are a few resolutions you can promote among your staff that can help guarantee resident satisfaction throughout the year:

Increase office efficiencies.

Creating a more efficient workflow that integrates clinical, financial and operational procedures means your staff will spend less time on paperwork and more time with residents. Seniors today are looking for person-centered care that not only provides them with control over their daily lives, but allows them to grow and build relationships with their caregivers.

Improve staff communication.

Another New Year’s resolution for your team is to improve communication between staff members. This can mean utilizing a tracking system that can record resident likes and dislikes, tasks assigned to each specific caregiver and the amount of time associated with these tasks, all that can lead to better resident satisfaction. You could also provide caregivers with secure mobile messaging so they can be more efficient when communication is most critical.

Provide healthy, well-balanced meals.

Nutrition is key to healthy aging, but food costs are known to be one of the top expenses for senior living providers. This is why it’s essential your life plan community has a nutrition management system in place. A nutrition management solution, like MatrixCare MealTracker, can reduce some of those high food costs as well as eliminate waste, while also keeping residents’ nutrition needs and preferences top of mind.

Keep engagement levels high.

Last, but certainly not least, keep residents engaged socially within your CCRC. Why? Well, studies show that seniors who remain socially active experience a variety of health benefits, everything from decreasing the risk for depression and conditions like osteoarthritis to an improved immune system. Provide plenty of information about upcoming events and activities, and make it easy for residents to sign up and get involved. Allow your staff to have some fun, too! Lightening the mood in the community really helps improve your team’s relationship with the residents; get social by posting YouTube videos of events or even of residents “spoofing” the aging process.

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New Year's Resolutions for CCRC Staff

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