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Newly Simplified: Medication Entry and Checks for Home Care

MatrixCare for Home Care has a new medication entry module available! If you are looking for a more comprehensive and compliant feature set for medication entry and tracking, then this module may be a great addition to consider for your agency. Built on our web application, our new medication entry module can also be utilized via the back-office or mobile application.

MatrixCare leverages medication data from LexiComp in real-time and uses a progressive entry model. This makes it very simple to enter new medications, as the system guides the user through each step of the entry process and also provides users with the ability to complete medication checks. Medication checks are done upon entry of new medications and are also available at any time, within the medication profile. The checks consist of:

  • Medication-to-Medication Interactions
  • Dosage Checks
  • Duplicate Therapy Checks

The module also displays both active and discharged medications.

In addition, the new module provides “Teaching Sheets” that are available to be printed and distributed to clients.

This new module is available now. Contact MatrixCare today to find out more or to schedule a quick demo of the Home Care Medication Module features.

Medication Management Screen Cap

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