OASIS-E implementation tips and guidance manual updates

November 21, 2022
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By: Kathy Kunze, Clinical Content Manager, MatrixCare

As part of the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act), requiring the collection and reporting of standardized patient assessment data, OASIS-E will be effective on January 1, 2023. Changes include new standardized items being implemented in the home health care setting toward the ongoing goal of standardization and cross-setting alignment. Sections have been added or renamed, items have been reorganized within sections, and the format for item-specific guidance has changed. There has also been a major revision to the OASIS-E instrument and guidance manual, including redesign and reorganization.

The OASIS-E Item Guidance Manual should become the home health agency’s best friend, as it’s a great tool to guide implementation. Here, we discuss the organizational structure and key changes to this important guide.

OASIS-E Guidance Manual: Organizational structure

Chapter 1 includes an introduction to the OASIS Manual, including its purpose, structure, and content, and a description of the OASIS requirements and conventions. It also summarizes the statutory authority for OASIS data collection and provides background on the development of OASIS and its version history.

Chapter 2 features the importance of data accuracy and how home health agencies may audit OASIS data to minimize errors. It also briefly describes OASIS data correction and implications for reporting.

Chapter 3 provides item-specific guidance subdivided into sections. It includes screenshots of each question, complete coding instructions and tips, and the guidance necessary to accurately complete each question.

Appendix A features the glossary and common acronyms.

Appendix B is a great reference due to having the OASIS-E items and time points — including all OASIS questions by section, as well as item numbers and descriptions.

Appendix C includes all of the instruments and items displayed by different time points.

Appendix D features the description of changes between OASIS-D to OASIS-E and new items organized by section.

Other training material to consider

CMS is also offering a virtual training program that includes pre-recorded training webinars to assist clinicians and agency managers in learning the new items and guidance.

Go into OASIS-E with confidence. Schedule a demo with MatrixCare today to learn how we can help you implement the coming OASIS-E changes and guide your agency toward success.

Kathy Kunze, RN, BSN
Kathy Kunze, RN, BSN

Kathy Kunze has been a part of MatrixCare since 2007 and currently holds the role of Clinical Content Manager, responsible for the development and maintenance of the clinical content for both Home Health and Hospice. Kathy is a registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience in the home care and hospice industries. Approximately 20 of those years have been involved in a variety of roles in Health Care Information Systems that includes Product Management, Regulatory Compliance, Implementation and Training, and Customer/Sales Support.

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