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Get Cooking with a Point of Sale Software Upgrade

Everyone looks forward to a home-cooked meal. There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table with family or friends for some delicious food and conversation. In a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), your residents not only look forward to their meals, but they also expect excellence. Among the variety of services and amenities your CCRC may provide, offering healthy, tasty food in a beautiful dining room helps ensure residents are happy and satisfied. It can even be one of the biggest keys to their successful transition to your community from their homes.

You already know that in your CCRC or life plan community, meal times are an especially important aspect of the day. While some residents may choose to prepare their own food, many look forward to heading to the communal dining room to take part in not only a delicious meal, but also to spend time socializing with their friends. Plus, since a lack of appetite is a common issue among seniors, encouraging eating as a social activity can actually increase the amount of food some seniors consume; it’s been proven that seniors who eat in a social setting tend to eat more than those who eat alone.

The Benefits of Updated Point of Sale Software

Because there is such an emphasis on nutrition and healthy aging for seniors, it’s more important than ever that your CCRC has a streamlined way to track meal plans, create and change menus, and note special dietary restrictions or food allergies of your residents. Here are just a few of the benefits of a point of sale (POS) software solution:

Ensure Order Accuracy & Efficiency

An updated long-term care POS software solution allows your community to plan meals based on residents’ needs, as well as ensure order accuracy and efficiency. Helpful features like our easy-to-read kitchen display system and flexible menu management help improve satisfaction and quality of life for residents, as they know their needs are constantly considered and met.

Improve Overall Customer Service

Updated point of sale software can also improve customer service throughout your community by giving staff more time to focus on the residents rather than on taking and managing orders. With seating assignments that can actually display the resident’s name, photo and seat location at the table, your staff can ensure fast, accurate food delivery, reducing the amount of errors that can inevitably occur in a large setting.

Streamline Billing with Meal Plans

Your residents will also have access to real-time meal plan balances by using self-serve kiosks throughout the dining room and community. By integrating billing functions with meal plans, residents are able to quickly find out how much of their plan is left for the month.

Besides the benefits offered to residents, your team can save hours of data entry each month with an updated software solution. The MatrixCare Point of Sale solution features a single set of resident profiles, which eliminates the need for staff to enter information multiple times.

Innovative Long-Term Care Point of Sale Software from MatrixCare

Make the dining experience as pleasant and as efficient as possible for your residents with a long-term care POS software solution from MatrixCare. For more information about what our solution can do for your CCRC or life plan community, download our brochure or call us today at (866) 469-3766.

Upgraded point of sale software for life-plan communities and CCRCs

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