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Ready, Set, Engage!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear: “I’m engaged.” Is it wedding bells?

Now, think about when you hear this from your employees. What comes to mind now?

I hope it’s your software vendor. As a skilled nursing provider, you face many regulatory changes and technology needs. Engaging your software vendor is essential. One of the ways in which we engage with providers is through our regional user workshops. It’s one day dedicated to time with MatrixCare subject matter experts and hands-on training.

Engage! to deal with change

Change can be complex. Managing staffing shortages, balancing mission and margin, and dealing with regulatory changes are just a few things that can make it difficult to sustain – and position for the future concurrently. Intuitive software can help but don’t overlook incorporating processes to manage change as a special need.

This is one of the reasons we offer these in-person workshops. Providers meet directly with experts on the technology and develop best practices and knowledge that can be brought back to their facilities. During a workshop, providers review current workflow to become better trained and to gather requirements for anticipated workflow changes.

Engage! with your data

Have you wondered how your EHR data is captured and reported? Data is key for skilled nursing facilities to attract hospitals. This is why we review report capabilities during our workshops. You can’t measure quality without data!

Engagement through regular workshops allows you and your software vendor to make better decisions about the software. One thing to keep in mind is the time commitment and balance of priorities. Technology can save you time and minimize costs in near-and long-term. It is worth the time for both provider and software vendor to spare the pain of dealing with unmet needs that may creep in the future. It’s a win/win for both!

Leading with Engage!

Our clients have grown accustomed to regional user workshops to optimize use of the software. They tell us that they learn more about how to leverage the software by attending these sessions. It’s just one of the ways in which we achieved the 2017 Best in KLAS for long-term care software.

Attend a workshop today and make sure you are able to obtain the outcomes that lead to more superior care.

Learn more about how MatrixCare is engaging clients. Contact us today.

Kevin Whitehurst
Kevin Whitehurst

Kevin Keith Whitehurst, Senior Vice President, Skilled Nursing Solutions, has been a key player in LTPAC technology since 1990. Whitehurst has held many leadership positions including IT Director for one of the first developers of MDS software systems to, most recently, SVP, Client Services for MatrixCare. In his current role, he is responsible for the success of the Skilled Nursing Solutions Group and oversees Product Management, Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, and Client Support for that group. A 26 year veteran, Whitehurst has dedicated his career to improving Skilled Nursing Providers experience with technology. Whitehurst holds degrees from San Bernardino Valley College and the Los Angeles School of Business and also served in the U.S Air Force.

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