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Get Cooking with Your Nutrition Management Solution

Food costs are one of the top expenses facing long-term care facilities today. For dining managers, that calls for serious creativity in meal planning and nutrition management. But with so many dietary considerations to account for, not to mention the preferences of your residents, keeping the menu fresh without sacrificing efficiency in the kitchen is a tall order to fill.

In this post, we’ll explore how to add budget-friendly fall flavors to the meal plan at your facility with help from MatrixCare MealTracker and integrated nutrition analysis

Reduce Food Costs, Not Menu Diversity

Anytime you add a new recipe or menu item to your skilled nursing facility’s meal plan, you have to consider its impact on food costs. You also need to consider the nutritional value of your new recipe for residents who may have special dietary needs or food-intake requirements. So, how does a dining manager use a nutrition management solution like MatrixCare MealTracker to keep the menu fresh and interesting all year long? We’ll show you!

Savor the Seasons with MealTracker

MealTracker includes thousands of nutritionally-analyzed recipes that you could use to offer residents a seasonally rotating menu while keeping food costs in check. Of course, if you’d like to incorporate your own custom recipes, MealTracker makes it easy to do that too. And, when combined with our nutrition analysis tool, you can add new ingredients not included in the master list and match them with known nutrient-analyzed items. That means you’ll always have access to a complete nutrient analysis, whether you’re using one of our recipes or starting from scratch.

Adding a Recipe is Easy!

Adding New Recipe 2

1. Give your recipe a name

2. Assign your recipe to a category (Breakfast, Dessert, Lunch, etc…)

3. Describe your recipe (Portion size, number of servings, cook time, ect…)

4. Enter any required procedures for ingredient preparation, “wash lettuce,” for example


Once your recipe is added to the database and you’ve matched any new ingredients, you can begin adding your new item to menus across your skilled nursing facility. Best of all, your kitchen staff can see your step-by-step directions for preparing the recipe from within the MealTracker program. That means your recipe is more likely to be prepared to your exact specifications – and in the correct amount – which could reduce food costs by ten to fifteen percent.

3 Fresh Fall Flavors Your Residents Will Love

When it comes to fall flavors, pumpkin spice gets all the love. But, there’s so much more to the fall flavor profile than that! We appreciate a hot pumpkin spice latte as much as the next person, but why not make some room on your menu for these deliciously simple additions?

Red apple and cinnamon sticks isolated on whiteApple & Cinnamon: Autumn is the peak of apple season, making it the ideal time to spice up your existing recipes with this perfect pairing. How about a dash of cinnamon in your next apple pie? Pomegranate: Did you know pomegranates are also in season? Not only is this fruit high in anti-oxidants, it’s surprisingly versatile too. Consider adding it to your desserts, breakfast foods and salads.

Using nutrition management software to reduce food costs and add fall flavorsButternut Squash: Nothing screams “fall flavor” like this golden gourd. You can use it for soups, add it to stews and pasta dishes or – if you’re feeling adventurous – try adding  it to macaroni and cheese!

Unlock the Full Potential of MatrixCare MealTracker

The MatrixCare MealTracker solution helps reduce food cost and waste, improves resident satisfaction and streamlines the food preparation process. Check out our brochure to get reacquainted with features, or request a demo to see MatrixCare MealTracker in action.

Kevin Whitehurst
Kevin Whitehurst

Kevin Keith Whitehurst, Senior Vice President, Skilled Nursing Solutions, has been a key player in LTPAC technology since 1990. Whitehurst has held many leadership positions including IT Director for one of the first developers of MDS software systems to, most recently, SVP, Client Services for MatrixCare. In his current role, he is responsible for the success of the Skilled Nursing Solutions Group and oversees Product Management, Professional Services, Sales and Marketing, and Client Support for that group. A 26 year veteran, Whitehurst has dedicated his career to improving Skilled Nursing Providers experience with technology. Whitehurst holds degrees from San Bernardino Valley College and the Los Angeles School of Business and also served in the U.S Air Force.

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