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June 11, 2019
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While attending a trade show a few weeks back, I had an engaging conversation with a group of people regarding the importance of understanding the nuances of your referral sources.

“Nuances– Why do we need to know that level of detail?” was the general question presented to me.

A referral is the lifeline of post-acute care and when we dive into the details of a given referral, we notice a significant amount of variability across the board. This variance includes the referral source, attending physician, primary DX, discharge planner, intake person handling the referral not to mention, pay class and the actual pay source, to name a few.

Understanding certain permutations and combinations of those variables will allow us to work the referral in a more efficient manner, improving the speed at which we make decisions and the preparations for the resident prior to admission.

For example, a referral from a certain referral source that typically refers to one or two of our competitors should raise a flag as we need to understand why we are being offered this opportunity. Consider the following questions when analyzing a new referral:

  • Do we have a contract/agreement with the pay source?
  • What is the historical conversion ratio of this referral source?
    • Are we always the 3rd choice being offered up?
    • What does the ReferralConnect market data tell us?
  • How well is my marketer/liaison performing?
    • Do we have the right resources in the right places?
    • What are their conversion ratios?
  • What is our experience with the discharge planner?
    • What is their record with us?
    • Are they trustworthy in their initial assessments?
  • Do we have the clinical capabilities to take on additional risks?
    • Are there comorbidities that we need to understand?
    • Will the family be happy if we have to offer a bed further away to improve the outcome with a facility that can provide the needed care?

ReferralConnect can help with your decision making along the way through proven workflows from the beginning with background/benefits check, clinical capabilities, medical acceptance criteria, and conversion ratio reporting to help make better decisions from the start. Combine this with relating marketing activities to referral sources, our market data insights (CMS claims) and extensive experience across all care settings and you now have a tool that can help you focus on getting the right referral for your line of business.

Nuances?– It’s the level of detail you need to know to improve the outcomes of the people you care for. Let’s have that conversation!

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Bradley Lawton
Bradley Lawton

Bradley Lawton joined MatrixCare in 2017 as part of the acquisition of SigmaCare and currently serves in the role of director of product strategy and portfolio management. Bradley’s diverse background in healthcare includes the development and implementation of patient portals, the integration of bluetooth technology devices to personal health records and risk analysis for population health management. Bradley is a Six Sigma Greenbelt, has a degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, and Certifications for the leading CRM Systems. He resides in Mobile, Alabama with his wife Krystal.

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