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MatrixCare RetailTracker is ready for EMV

Written by Mauricio Hermosillo, Product Manager, MatrixCare

Technology is making significant advances on all fronts, and credit card payments are one of them. If you have been to the grocery store or a shopping mall recently, you most likely have already experienced EMV or “pin and chip” as it’s commonly known. This technology has been available for several years with higher levels of adoption in Europe but growing steadily in the United States.

EMV stands for EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa. It is the new standard of operation developed and managed by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa to be a more secure way to pay.

EMV uses a computer chip to perform sophisticated, dynamic verification that the card is genuine. These computer chips can store and process much more data than the magnetic stripes on cards, which makes them much harder to counterfeit.

EMV will require a chip card which can be inserted or dipped into a reader and left in place for the entire sale as the reader and the card talk back and forth. The screens in the devices walk the end users through the different steps of the process, so there is little to no friction when using this method of payment.

Our Matrixcare point-of-sale solution, RetailTracker, is EMV certified and integrated with industry-leading products from Verifone, ensuring that your community and your residents continue to have the highest degree of security when using our products.

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Mauricio Hermosillo
Mauricio Hermosillo

Mauricio Hermosillo is a Product Manager for MatrixCare. He has spearheaded new business development throughout the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean for multiple brands, leading new product launches and establishing strategic partnerships across the region. Mauricio earned his MBA degree from the University of Texas with a major in Global Leadership.

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